Enable/Disable a switch/light or any element of the interface

Maybe this subject has been addressed already, but I couldn’t find any relevant topic. Do switches, lights entities, etc. feature an enable/disable property that could be set or unset by automation or any other mean? This in order to avoid a user click when the conditions are not met. I still want it visible (so not hidden) so the user knows it is there.

Thanks @tom_l
I had a quick look, it seems to me that the block function (with a password) is not what is expected (somehow it is over the top). It is really the ability to grey out an entity (is it the correct wording?) under certain conditions (as we do on so called rich clients) and enable it again when new conditions are met.

It can also lock entities based on the state of other entities.

I don’t know of anything that can do the “grey-out” requirement though. Only the lock symbol.

Thank you. May a FR? Where should I post it?

Alternatively you may use card-mod to disable a control:



Similarly it is possible to disable input_select, input_number (“box” mode) & input_text, but I cannot provide links to the solutions since existing solutions were provided for the obsolete Paper Elements & I have not prepared solutions for the new Material Web Components.
I only may post pictures of disabling the old Paper Elements:

Disabling a cover:

Disabling buttons may be achieved by the same approach.

Thanks for this input