Energy dashboard - Change "gas" into "heating"

I would not mind using gas to heat my house, but it is just not available in my street. I’m therefore on heating oil and have a connected gauge to measure the remaining quantity in my tank.
Thanks to that, I have built sensors and counters to monitor my consumption and to transform it in kWh to have it appear in the Energy dashboard as… gas consumption, because oil is not available :slightly_frowning_face:.

So I would suggest to change gas into heating, so that it adapts to all other possible energy source of heating.

It is just a UI/visual aspect, but it is a bit strange to have to look at gas consumption to monitor my heating oil one. It would also make this otherwise great dashboard a bit more versatile, as gas, with connected gas meters, are maybe not that broadly used by the worldwide HA community.

Change this to fuel-agnostic heating.

I would like to add district heating, which is used to heat my house.


Yes, I’ll update my post, so this part of the dashboard becomes even more versatile.

On heating oil here too so would welcome this change. Out of interest Friedrieck - which tank gauge are you using? I have an old watchman sensor with plug in receiver but would like something that I could monitor in HA.

I am using this one: FullUp | Learn how to control your fuel consumption with FullUp!
Main advantage is no subscription fee, because yes, it is unfortunately cloud-based, in the sense that I have not managed to query the local device (bridge), but I have set up REST and template sensors querying their public API.

I estimate heating oil usage by burning hours of my burner.
I use now m³ as a unit because liter is not available.

1m³ of heating oil is a lot, so liters would be more friendly to work with
(in the energy dashboard graph bars 0,00032 m³ is shown as 0 in the tooltip)

I would extend this feature request by also allowing “l” (liters) as a unit.
And device_class: “oil” (or “heating oil”)

In this way it is more than a frontend only feature request


Personally, I convert the liters of oil in kWh (depending on the sources, you multiply the liters by an amount between 10 and 10.7 to have the kWh, I opted for 10.5).

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advantage of having a separate heating metric would allow for calculating CO2 emissions from the combustion of the heating fuel. Electrical Power emissions are a little harder to calculate as the fuel source of the energy is generally unkown.

That’s also an option.
Liters is more understandable, that’s also the unit I pay for. (and for which I can enter a price)
When I can follow my consumption in liters, than I also have a rough idea of the amount left in my tank.

I do not measure the heating oil consumption directly, but I make an estimate by comparing the total heating oil usage the past 6 years and compared it with the “burning hours” (and “burner starts”) of my heating device. This way I have a formula (liter/burning_hourtotal_burning_hours + liter/burning_starttotal_burner_starts = total_liters_used)

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I opened a feature request to respect the heating energy consumption in the overall figure since this is missing on my side.

Would be good if you support my request.
Heating with other sources as gas, oil, district, wood or whatever is probably the highest energy consumption in every house.

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There is also pellet heating and wood chip heating… and what is about electric heating? i know the electric consumption is already in the dashboard… but having it also separated in the “heating”-part could give you a better overview about the heating-part of the power consumption

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I would not change “gas” into “heating” but rather request other energy sources (i.e. oil, district heating) being consumed by the home to be added. Not everyone uses gas only for heating … cooking with induction is close to a gas stove, but only close :wink:.

My perspective: the energy dashboard shall show where the energy comes from - and not what it is used for. If I want to know how much energy the electric towel rack is consuming to support the underfloor heating in the bathroom, I will install (temporarily) an energy counter for the towel rack.


I agree. The Energy Dashboard should be able to add different energy sources. For me personally, a gas boiler room is built for several small apartment blocks and each resident has his own heat meter. Which can be remotely read via wmbus. It would be nice to read this data into this Dashboard.

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I agree, we need the ability to add different energy sources. No gas here, I’m on oil. Fitted a relay to the boiler with the contacts wired across a WiFi door sensor read switch, so easily recording in HA when the boiler is on. The technical specs state the oil usage rate for its nozzle size, so oil usage is easy. Just need the Energy dashboard to accept the figures. I can’t even remove the ‘Energy’ from the sidebar and put in something useful.discovered how to do this…

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I would also like to see a heating agnostic mode, where you can label it by your own with a symbol. Most heating systems have some way to calculate the heating energy
I have a solarfocus biomass system and use a hacs integration and calculate the heating power based on the state via a template.

I have district heating.
I would like to be able to change the title " Gas Consumption" to something else. And possibly the icon as well.


Same here. I am reading my usage in GJ (which will be added soon as a unit of measurement I think) so it would be great if we could change the name of “GAS” to maybe “HEAT” or just make it customizable! :slight_smile:


Sad to see no reaction to work further on the existing features like the energy dashboard.

Heating, by any kind, is still respected in the overall energy consumption of the house.

Further request is either add solar heating source or split the solar section into PV for electricity production and solar heating.


This change must be made!

i would like to pick this up top, i have three different ways how to heat:

and a electric heat rod in summer time

all are shown as gas on energy distribution board. With the electric heater it is even more complicated now. Used energy from solar is counted twice, once as gas and once as home consumption as it was electricity.

Home usage counting should have include/exclude rules to have better overview.