Energy Dashboard: Change Names

Some of my entity names are pretty long which is a problem on small screens

It would be awesome if we could rename them in the energy dashboard in a similar manor to the normal dashboard

The above shows the entities ‘friendly name’, which you can already change!

I don’t want to change it in general either. I would like to change it for the energy dashboard only as well. As possible in other cards as well. Only the display name in the card.

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That is also my intention, The names in my normal Dashboard should be different from the ones in the Energy Dashboard.

For me its just an inconvenience but it sure would be nice to be able to do a little ‘easy’ customization here. Currently you have the option of adding or deleting an individual device. It would be a nice option to have an edit for the device (in this list) in order to change the name it displays, its position in the list and maybe even to pick the colour you would like to use. Its a little bit of ‘bells and whistles’ but sometimes its nice to be able to group similar things by colour or position and of course making it easy for the user. Since I don’t know the complexity of the coding required I only throw it out there as an idea. I have enough trouble trying to figure out some of the yaml stuff.

I did figure out how to change the name (friendly_name?) using customization in configuration.yaml and was also able (after the fact) to locate the area to change the name for a zigbee entity in the GUI, but neither of these methods are very intuitive and I expect that the name changes are global and not necessarily what the OP was looking for.


Would be nice of you to show us the way!

But I agree with your ‘bells and whistle’ for a non IT people it appears to be too complicated without a proper tutorial. Have you made in Github a Change Request / Feature Request ?


edit : To put a little context I changed the values in My HA and in the last update of HA Core the Zigbee values returned to the original names and I lost my energy monitoring.

Hi Nico
If you mean how did I add friendly names is YAML I did this:
In the configuration.yaml file I added an include to customize.yaml
In the customize.yaml file I added lines to define friendly names for the sensors
The friendly name will then show in the energy page
From what I can remember, If you can apply the friendly name to the device in the UI you don’t need to create it in the yaml file. That was more of an experiment/learning thing for me but I can’t really remember for sure. I think I was having a hard time trying to find where to set the friendly name for some devices so I opted for that method for those devices.
For me there are way too many different ways of changing and applying names to devices and entities and I am never sure what impact each has, in regards to the dashboards and or the reporting of the entities themselves. In some cases where I have changed a name I then have to go back and reconfigure all my Alexa settings so the device continues to work in that system.

Note: do not forget to do a quick reload of your yaml config after making any changes to your yaml files

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But this will change displayed entity name everywhere, not just in energy dashboard, right?

unfortunately, yes

Custom names for individual energy devices merged for 2024.5 (#20033)

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