Energy Management - Instantaneous Values

Would be great if below the Energy Distribution we could also have another graphic representation of instantaneous Values.

Loving the Energy Management so far, great job.

That would basically be: custom:tesla-style-solar-power-card

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Correct, however baked into the Energy Management Panel and part of HA, not another card.

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Or even a way to toggle the existing values between instantaneous and historical?

Long time home automation user, checking out HA, in large part due to the Energy Management dashboard.

Fantastic work in easy config - effectively gave HA ip address of my solar inverter, grid meter, added to energy dashboard and it just worked. Anything ‘just working’ is amazing in this home tinkering field.

However - I am a bit perplexed (disappointed) how anything that is calling itself Energy Management has no instantaneous power usage, with solar this is a fundamental part of giving feedback of the system to modify human behaviour. “Shall I put on the washing or wait until tomorrow?” type question.

Next I am going to see if the config below meets my needs, otherwise it is back to openHAB and Grafana charts.

You can look at the instantaneous values at any time you want and include them in automations. The Energy dashboard is simply an extra point of reference for historical data. That is all.