Energy Management - Self Sufficiency instead of Self dependency

In my opinion, it would be more fitting to have a Gauge card displaying the self-sufficiency instead of the now default “self-dependency” card.
Currently, this card displays a net value in relation to the grid. The problem with this is, that, if the grid does not act as a battery for me, or I get a really low (or even 0) value for the amount of energy exported (I’m sure it’s like this for a lot of people), this information is basically useless for me.
Instead, this card would provide a much more fitting information for me as a user.
Self suffiency beign at 100% (max) means I take no energy from the grid and am, therefore 100% self-sufficient.
If my self sufficiency is at 50%, it means that half of the energy my house consumed was taken from the grid and the other half was solar.

Can you share the code/math you have for your Self Sufficiency?
I’d like to use one for my house :slight_smile:

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Yes, I can, the issue is, this is not dynamic, so there is a fixed time frame and it doesn’t change when you change the date of the rest of the cards.

Here is the calculation I used:
Self Produced solar Energy over an interval / House Consumption Energy over an Interval * 100

how does this work out as yaml?
I cant seem to figure out the timestamp (get value from x time ago)

As my solar panels sensor and the consumption meter were taken in service on different days… it seems tricky for me to just have a total average since day of start.

Completely agree, net returned to the grid is useless (at least for me). Self sufficiency is the value I’m monitoring from year to year to optimize my house.

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just wanted to add this…It is actually seen on a distribution “home” circle (yellow part) but to me not visible enough and without a value. Would appreciate this among three other gauges.
Possible ?
This can show how well we adapt our habits when to switch some bigger load to have the best possible outcome from our sustainable energy source.
all best, thanks for all this.

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As mentioned above, all the relevant data is already there, as seen in the picture.
At a first glance >75% self-sufficiency today (orange part of the circle aroud the house).

If you take (5,2 kWh / 25,6 kWh)*100 = 20,31 % of NOT self-sufficient energy (imported from the grid).
Or 100 % - (5,2 kWh / 25,6 kWh)*100 = 79,69 % self-suffiency.

Mayby put the percentages next to the yellow part of the circle? Or as number below the cunsumption?
Or even better: An additional gauge like the three already existing ones (net returned to grid, self-consumed solar energy, non-fossil energy consumed)

I would really appreciate it.

Work is already in progress, hopefully it gets merged soon.