ESP32 with display - possible awesome DIY interface

I’ve found this project to use the M5Stack.


I like the way it only needs MQTT, I may give this a try

@bachoo786, still no updates. few weeks holiday and busy at work. I hop that after next week I can pick up the project again. All the individual pieces I have working, just have combine them to 1 project with a GUI.

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Awesome! I just found out about m5stack sticks yesterday and I’m craving to order a few of the stickC and some like the one you posted.
My only doubt is if I can use the modules made for it, including the RFID module and fingerprint.

I’ve picked up one m5StickC and one m5core Fire and I’m really disappointed by the very short WiFi and BLE range…


I finally found some time to work on my M5stack HA alarmpanel.
Hardware is ordered and delivered. I have done some programming and made some screens.
RFID is also working

Next is MQTT and glueing everything together into a nice functional panel.

I Will keep sending the status on this project and release everything on GitHub once it is done.


It may be worth looking to see if there are any boards offering external antenna for Wifi.

I know some users on this forum were are to use external antennae with ESP8266 hardware.

Looks really nice well done

Wow these look like they can be pretty handy!
I wonder if the m5stick could be used with a ct clamp and display the reading.
Hopefully @OttoWinter is following this thread :grinning:

That’s a nice looking alarm panel!

looks like mvturnho got the m5stack working here with esphome:

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The m5stack works with ESPHome, but not the screen…yet…

Lilygo have quite many interesting looking products, like this!


I finally found some time to finish the M5stack alarm panel and publish everything on Github. I hope you can reuse this project and all remarks, bugs and additions are welcome.

It should work with any MQTT alarm panel in HA.

Gr. Remco


Hello, How could I use this ESP32 capacitive screen + camera device to control Home Assistant?

Looks kinda powerful and useful… Do you know a tutorial to display and control Lovelace or even better, HACC?

I can imagine a device like this on the living room wall, for alarm, TV and light control

To run lovelace or hacc requires a modern web browser. You got one for esp32?

No idea about it, I don’t have any experience about ESP32 yet, I would like to know if it’s possible what I before I buy one.
I use an iPad and my Android phone, but I would like to have something permanent on the wall.

Buy a cheap android tablet and stick it on the wall. There are dozens of threads about this.

I am not saying that you cannot make a decent control interface with an esp32, but I doubt one is going to run lovelace or hacc.

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Really interested in setting this up but it looks like the original M5Stack core and faces line is EOL. Don’t suppose anyone knows if it is still possible to get them in the UK, or an alternative?

Later version perhaps. Plenty of other options too

Possible, but not quite as nice and self-contained as the faces version…