HACC - Home Assistant Command Center

Home Assistant Command Center (HACC)

Home Assistant Command Center (HACC) is a wall-mountable tablet interface for Home Assistant.

:point_right: Latest Update: Version 1.1.0 on 2021-02-01 – View Post

What sets HACC apart from many other wall/tablet interfaces is its rich, robust, easy to use admin area. Adding tiles and laying out your dashboard has never been easier! In fact, there are no configuration files to edit during setup!

Our website is here: :globe_with_meridians: https://hacc.dev

You can also view the GitHub repo here: https://github.com/qJake/HADotNet.CommandCenter/

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  • Point-and-click admin interface for configuring tiles, layout, themes, and more
  • Drag and drop layout editor
  • Dashboard updates via JavaScript (no page reloading)
  • Multiple pages with unique URLs, for multiple devices/rooms or navigation between pages
    • Navigation tiles can change the page or go back home without the need to enter a URL manually
  • Support for the following tile types:
    • State
    • Switch (+Group, +Input Boolean)
    • Scene
    • Light
    • Calendar
    • Person
    • Weather
    • Camera
    • Media Player
    • Date/Time
    • Text Label
    • Blank (for layout help)

Installing and Running

Via Hass.io Addon

HACC is a published Hass.io addon, view the installation instructions here.

:x: HACC is no longer supported as a Supervisor add-on.

Via Docker

A public Docker image is published for this project: qjake/hacc

(Linux containers only - Windows container support coming soon.)

docker pull qjake/hacc
docker run --name hacc -p 8095:8095 -v haccdata:/app/data qjake/hacc

Your HACC instance will be available at: http://localhost:8095/

You can also build and run the source manually. This project should support any environment that
ASP.NET Core supports
. So, for example, you could build and publish the source, and host the website on IIS.



sigh there goes my Sunday.


Nice user interface and even nicer admin interface.

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Ok it didn’t take all Sunday by any means. Used Docker, worked immediately.

Two comments

  1. I think perhaps the layout variables (display size, tile size etc) should have sensible defaults. Took me a few minutes to work that out.

  2. Are we going to see more tiles? Media player would be good. Graphs?

Really good so far :slight_smile:


Yes! This is great feedback, and I’m glad you were able to get it working!

If you want to submit any ideas as issues on GitHub, I’ll be sure to mark them as enhancements and get them into a future release!

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Will do that.

Looks pretty cool. I will have to give it a try this week. Will be following along to see how it goes. Thanks

This looks neat. Easy setup in Docker on Synology. I am able to create tiles, however I cannot arrange them or put them on the dashboard as they don’t show up for me to arrange. Can’t adjust dashboard settings and save them either as it gives me an error when I click save. It also didn’t seem to save my dashboard background changes.

same thing happening here, cant arrange them

and alarm panel

This very much looks like it may be the beginnings of what many of us have been waiting for. Great job, and thanks for all the time you’ve spent on this.


click auto layout and they will appear.

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If you get an error while saving settings, does the app have write access to its own directory? It wants to write a config.json file to the application root, make sure it can do that. If you’re using a Docker container it should be able to do that automatically, but you never know.

Awesome! Especially like the admin interface. Does HACC also support Lovelace tiles?

Was just planning to look into ways to build a tablet interface. This looks easier than most options and still highly configurable.

Thought about making this an add-on for HASS.io to make the install/updating of this easier?

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You can’t get a much easier install than it is already.

Admittedly I have already installed it as it’s a breeze. But I also like the ease of managing add-ons via HASS add-ons.

Between that, HACS and self-managed containers it’s starting to get a little messy. Always trying to consolidate

Try portainer.

Thanks, already using that to manage my containers. I shouldn’t complain. This tool is awesome!

@qJake great app and really nice to use. Thanks

Enter the size of your panel which it will appear on and the layout should show.

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