EspHoMaTriXv2 with voice

Nine Months ago, I posted a video ( on YouTube with my way of using an ESP32 voice assistant with a status display. The push to talk way works excellent. The old community topic is here

In my lab I’m working on a wake word triggered voice assistant with the display, but I struggle a lot with the ESP32 S3 (e.g. like these guys), so it is yet more a proof of concept than a working solution.

I don’t know if this is a valid entry for the contest, but as soon as the ESP32 S3 support gets better, I will extend all of my displays with a microphone and perhaps also with a speaker. As a result, I will have an all-in-one device with a status display/clock, some sensors (temperature/humidity) and a voice assistant in my rooms.

Thanks to all my supporters (220 :star: on GitHub and 5 donations :moneybag:) and contributors, especially trip5 for his fonts and andrewjswan for the overall makeup and many details.
Thanks also to Nabu Casa, my subscription is worth every penny!