Eufy Camera Integration

Yeah i get the idea the bell is nice, but if it’s not compatible with HA, its a no go for me.
I want integration with HA and google home as well.

Might have to look to unifi then

I think this is one of the best doorbells out there. For me the person detection works great. Video quality is very good and it’s very fast to open on the app. I had a doorbell with RTSP but it was unreliable. So I just installed a dedicated front door camera. For me the one thing missing that i could not find on most doorbells is a way to detect the button press. With this one you can use Alexa to start a routine as it can detect the button press with the skill. I created an Input Boolean in HA for Alexa to trigger to pull up the front door cam on my tablets in the house and turn on the front door lights if it’s dark out. The custom integration works but its limited to showing the last captured activity. I could not get the streaming to work. Also it looks like the inside chime it comes with uses 433mhz to trigger it. I have not tried to see if I can see anything but I do have a sonoff rf bridge I could try. This might be a good way to get local notifications of the doorbell press.

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Will this eufy doorbell be ever integrated or is this a fantasy?
Whats the main problem? no RTSP?
I’ve been looking for a bell without cloud subscription but there arent many options
Only this eufy is worth it (want 2 cameras too)…

Or the unifi (but then needs protect) + no googe assistant support + no HA integration
Or this one:

but thats early too, so probably no google assistant integration and certainly no home assistant integration yet

Hard times to get a decent doorbell

It could be, not a fantasy. RTSP would certainly make this easier but the problem is Eufy changed their protocol and nobody has had time to reverse engineer it.

i see.
fingers crossed then

Sill gonna wait tough…
No google home or no home assistant support or necessary cloud payment is a no go for a doorbell here

Pity emby integration is so limited… only lights and sensors.
For example the eufy robocleaner has no proper integration either, you need to go to an old version…

Will keep this on a short eye

You can link to google home and/or alexa.

Yes i know, but if somebody rings at the door, i cant see it on tablet who’s at the doorr inside homeassistant.
i cant turn on lights and stuff if its dark with HA
(als google doenst have routines in dutch yet)

Might the new version of HA bring any light into this ?
ZHA integration?

Not sure how ZHA has anything to do with Eufy. Eufy does not use Zigbee. It uses wifi.

True my mistake, wuzzy head :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought this doorbell too, but am thinking about sending it back, because the Google Home intergration isn’t working well (massive delay) and there is no Home Assistant intergration. The bell itself is great best of all the videobells on the market at this moment., will keep following this post!

I have this doorbel now for a few months. It is really good and has a quick response. The only downside is that I can’t integrate it to my home assistant. Unfortunately I lack the skills to write something myself for the integration. Nothing left to do than to hope that it gets supported by home assistant in the future.

I noticed that my Homebase popped up in Home Assistant recently (via Homekit, and Homekit Cameras were recently added to Home Assistant) so I tried it. Attempting to use the code from underneath the Homebase didn’t work. I had a look at the Eufy instructions and there looks to be an area to configure Homekit but I have Android and it’s not there for me. Has anyone with IOS been able to add the Homebase via Homekit? Since the part of the Eufy Securty app for Homekit is configuring the Homebase rather than IOS I don’t see why it couldn’t be in the Android app as well.

I’ve seen rumors that the doorbell will soon support RTSP (June was what I saw). I’m not sure if it’s both the wired and battery powered variants but either way it should make things somewhat easier to integrate into HASS.

nonsleepr appears to have gotten MQTT control to work. If anybody can assist with integrating that would be awesome.


Nice! I’m awaiting delivery of the battery powered doorbell - hopefully I can trigger browser mod with MQTT…

Great news :smiley:

I have the eufy doorbell and I’m willing to help but I tried to intergrate it with hacs but I get this message. I don’t know how else to do it. Maybe I’m not the best noob to test this :thinking:


That won’t work. It’s just a code library for now. It’s needs to be turned into a component to work

I’d be happy to help, but I’m pretty clueless when it comes to coding anything other than basic CSS or HA config files.