Fan Speed Control

I’ve created my own fan speed control using a yardstick one and some custom RF commands for a Hampton Bay fan. The issue is that I’m not seeing any fan speed controls on the fan panel. The speeds are read from the speed list, and displayed when you click the fan, I can control the light using the standard fan toggle switch, but don’t see any place to control the fan speed. Has anyone been able to get fan speed working for any fan devices?

Here’s my solution - Z-Wave Fan Control

Thanks for the reply. I came across your solution during my search attempts, but I’m not really sold on the lack of integration of the fan as a whole control. Looks like I may need to dig into the frontend and add some speed controls to the panel.

With my particular solution, I was limited because the GE Fan Control switch actually reports itself as a light switch with dimmer control, so it’s not truly a Fan control integration.

Good luck!

Here’s what I’ve come up with. Still could use a little work on the style, but figured I’d share what I came up with over the weekend. The fan controls reads the available speeds from the fan entity and then displays them. These are then linked to call the set_speed service in the fan domain.

I’m going to do my best to get this accepted by the devs, but given how abstract everything else is, I’m not sure how far it will fly.

Could you consider to share the code for this fix?

Would also love to see this code since we now have custom state card capability!

Could you share code for me?

I implemented something similar here: Custom UI with Buttons - Fan Control

Not perfect but it works.

can i see the code behind it. I want to do something very similar aswell


Not sure if this is still relevant. After the holidays, I put HA on the side burner and am finally getting back at it. Let me know if you guys would still want to see this code.

I know I’d like to see it for sure.

Yes please!

I know it’s been awhile. Would you mind sharing your Yardstick One solution? I have the same application that I would like to develop against and your work would be helpful to the community. Thanks!