Flic Buttons in Hass.io

I’m considering buying Flic buttons (https://home-assistant.io/components/binary_sensor.flic/) and integrating them in my Hass.io-setup. Is it possible at this stage or will it be added later on?

If I understand the documentation for the Flic-component Flic Services (https://github.com/50ButtonsEach/fliclib-linux-hci) needs to be installed on my Pi3 in order to communicate with the Flic buttons.


I have just ordered some of these and would be interested in this too

I had look at it and see that is a service in background. It think the easy best way is to make addon that run this service and home-assistant can access to this service


Has someone a solution?

One idea that came to my mind was to use IFTTT instead. So it would be like this: Flic Button pressed --> Bluetooth signal sent do device (phone, tablet etc.) --> Flic App sends IFTTT command --> IFTTT posts (?) command back to HassIO --> Automation executes. I guess delay would be the downside.

I was trying to make this work by reading the documentation (https://home-assistant.io/components/ifttt/), but so far I’ve not been able to make it work… Anyone with better understanding of IFTTT & Hass that could help out? :slight_smile:

It would be great if you could utilise the bluetooth built into the Raspberry Pi 3 and not need a phone/tablet connection. Perhaps that’s not possible.

I have just bought some of these buttons and find them a little poor in terms of the way you share them with other devices. Only one person can be connected at a time and each person has to set up their own settings rather than being able to log in to the same account and share the same ones. They are great for the individual, but not so perfect for a household in my opinion.

I agree! But as you say, they are not very good at handling multiple users/devices and from their documentation I read that it is only the one closest/best connection that will be “connected”, determining the action. So I guess the best (or perhaps only) way of handling it with the Pi3-Bluetooth would be for it to be the only device connected to the buttons.

Kind of limiting, but at least it would work…

The IFTTT-way could at least manage the buttons until the Bluetooth/Flic documentation/service for HassIO gets updated.

For me only being connected to the Pi would be fine, as its only being used to control Philips Hue lights currently and have a certain mood set for each type of button press. I guess it depends how the individual wants to use them.

@Freland were you able to get the hass.io ifttt integration working?

No, but I did not try that hard either. Decided to go back to Hassbian… Hass.io still feels too limited.

Then perhaps you would be interested in a Flic Hub?

I ordered this some months ago, waiting for it to arrive. Hopefully it can work great with HA.

Did the same the other week, hoping to integrate it with Hass.

There is a dockerfile this on github here:

It would be trivial for someone to turn it into a hassio addon.

There is already a hassio addon available. Just add this repo https://github.com/pschmitt/hassio-addons

See Issue to start flicd on hass.io

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