Fluvius (Belgian energy provider) integration

Hi everyone,
I am living in Belgium and the local energy supplier company (https://www.fluvius.be/) provides a web portal to check your consumptions for electricity and gas (if you have digital meters).
they also seem to allow third parties to integrate (see this app from local energy provider Engie https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/engie-belgië/id1562119194) and withdraw:

  • consumption history at different granularity ( daily, hourly, 15 min)
  • consumption peaks

which makes me think that Fluvius has indeed an API available (Ontsluiten van verbruiksdata via API | Fluvius).
What I cannot figure out is if this is available to the general public or only if you are a company (Engie) and would like to provide services to your customers.

I have found also another company that integrates with Fluvius (https://www.energyid.eu) but their services are exaclty what I would like to achieve with Home Assistant (and not depend on other’s shady ML analysis).

Has anyone info on this provider?

Hey Nick,

Have a look at this:

I didn’t try it myself yet, and it requires some little extra hardware. It basically just reads the smart meter on the P1 port, and emits that on a TCP/IP server or UART.
Also search for “P1 meter USB cable” on google, also on this forum are plenty of stuff to find:

Note: You even bypass the the delayed (and shady?) site of fluvius.

Good luck,
And … I am interested in your findings.

Interesting. However, for me this looks like a bit too much effort to read out simple values.
Personally, I am not interested in real time read outs on the P1 port. (I will use SMA home manager)
But It would be nice to have the meters value as well as a reference/control.

Given this situation, implementing an existing API could be far more beneficial and easier to maintain.
I also use the Engine app, and sites such as mijnenergie.be also work with reading out the values from fluvius. So it must be possible, for sure.

indeed reading from P1 port would be feasible but the meter is in the building technical room (shared with other apartments) and, what is worse, it’s behind a sealed panel as it’s maintained by the condominium :frowning:
For electricity I have installed a Shelly EM to read it at the input but the gas counter cannot be monitored. (I currently made a little shortcut on iphone to recognize the digits and call a service on home-assistant but it’s not ideal).

I have contacted Fluvius and here is the answer (translated):

Thank you for your report.

We do not yet offer an API for individuals. This is also currently not planned for the future.

Kind regards,

Perhaps if other interested people write them, they might reconsider.

If there is wifi in the technical room you can use the P1 Meter from Homewizard.

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Hi Nick,
We have a wrapper around the Fluvius API at our company and are considering opening this up to individuals.
This wrapper is basically a one-to-one match to the Fluvius API for companies, we would limit it then per individual to the ean of that individual.
Is this something you would still like?


Hi Warree,

I’m also from Belgium (Tessenderlo) and very interested in the wrapper. Please include me in any case that you would like to startup for individuals



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Hear hear!
Me too!

me to pls?

Also intersted in this.
With me the Fluvius digital meter and internet breakout are next to eachother.

Can i directly connect these to eachother?

also interested to get access if possible! My digital meter (P1 port) is 7 floors down so no wifi or connection there :wink:

I’m interested as well!


I’m also interested! They normally came to install my digital meters today, but they canceled it last minute and now I have to wait for another month…
Best regards

Hi warreee, also interested in using the API wrapper :slight_smile: Tnx!


Hey, I started a side activity to become service provider to get access to the API (and also AMR data)
After the onboarding with FLuvius, I now have access to the API.
I’m developing a portal to create the mandates to be able to get access to customer consumption. My intention is to be a proxy to the data for individuals and help companies to get insight in their consumption data.
I should have a first version in production the coming weeks


Are we there yet?

Would also be interested…

Quite annoying and weird that they (Fluvius) offers the API to third parties, but not to the consumer who is the actual owner of the data. Can’t imagine its a big task to add a menu item and a page where you an get an API key to access the daily or even quarter of an hour measurements they already make available to the consumer via the web-portal (Mijn Fluvius). :frowning:

you can register.
Once registered, you can have a link on the FLuvius Page to create a mandate.
I’ll send you a Python example how to use the XmlRpc api

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