Frigate Mobile App Notifications 2.0

I believe you would need to not have a base url set. And then it should try to open in the app.

But it is also unreliable for playback so it’s much better to open in the browser.

Yep good idea, camera and single mobile device.

No it means any event. Frigate determines if motion meets your criteria (in frigate config) to be an event. If you have zone restrictions or only track certain objects those criteria need to be met. Easy to see if it’s working by checking the frigate events page. If you have events, then things seem good.

Have you setup mqtt in home assistant?

Are you using my version of the blueprint or one from the original post by hunterjm? The OP doest work after frigate 0.10 versions.

Thanks for the feedback. I did not have the proxy add-on loaded. I was also running the original blueprint. So I updated to your blueprint and created two test automations. I do have mqtt broker running and pointing at my mqtt docker in unraid. Frigate is configured to use this. I have no active zones and I do have object detection on each zone and the events when they are detected are showing up nicely in Frigate.

Assuming frigate add-on proxy is needed, I installed the proxy add-on and I keep getting this error:

INFO: Starting NGinx…
nginx: [emerg] host not found in upstream “frigate.local:5000” in /etc/nginx/includes/upstream.conf:2

Frigate is running on my unraid server as a docker and is addressable through an IP - which is what I entered when I setup the frigate integration. frigate.local:5000 doesn’t work and I don’t see any options in frigate add-on proxy to update the address?

However, one of the automations just fired - so something is happening. I think it was the out of date blue print. But I am curious about the add-on issue.


Ignore this, sorry. I was under the impression it was required but i’ve just been reading the docs again and the addon simply gives you sidebar access to frigate within HA. I run frigate on a seperate unraid machine just like you, and have the addon running for access, but i think i was wrong about needing it for this blueprint. Just the integration is required.

So updating the blueprint will definitely be the correct fix.

If you want frigate within HA, you can keep the addon. To set or change the IP address go to settings> addons> frigate NVR proxy and click on configuration at the top.

Thanks - I can’t believe I missed the configuration link at the top. Got that working and it looks like the notifications are working as well. Thanks for your help.

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Generally works well, but randomly I won’t get notifications, or the notifications are delayed, sometimes by 15 mins. How do I make the alerts instant? I don’t need a link to the video, as I can open the app and look, maybe just a snapshot of what triggered the alert, and the alert itself.

sorry, did u figure it out?

Nope, I didn’t. I think it’s hardcoded in this blueprint and can’t be overridden.

What device are you notifying?

If you do a find and replace on the blueprint and replace “thumbnail” with “snapshot” that should achieve what you are after.

I’m curious first though if you click on view snapshot from the notification, if that is the correct uncropped image you are looking for?

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i figured it out modifying the blueprint

yes exactly i did that mod and now i have the full size image in the notification

Notifying Android devices using the home assistant app

Two things to consider.

Have you set critical notifications to true? If not, do this.

Have you setup local push via the app? Probably not significant in terms of the delay but worthwhile to look into this to prevent hitting API daily limits

I have it set for websockets, where do I find critical notifications at?

It’s an option in the blueprint (automation config)

Not in mine.
The only options I have in my blueprint are here:

That appears to be an old version of hunterjms blueprint.

If you update it you’ll have more options such as critical notifications. However it is known to have compatibility issues with frigate 0.11 or later, which is why I’ve been updating this one for everyone


Thanks for all of your awesome work with getting the blueprint to work with Frigate 0.11, @SgtBatten :smiley: I was wondering, I’m using your blueprint with the state entity, it’s working great. For my use case, it would be really great to have the option to have an entity in a particular state for a set amount of time, is this possible with the blueprint?

Very possible, though i’m not sure of the best way to implement.

For now you could create a template sensor which only becomes true after x time and use the state of that.

Please could you explain what you mean by this? This may be what I’ve been looking for.