Frigate Mobile App Notifications 2.0

Has anyone noticed that the (Optional) Notification Color don’t appear to work anymore…

It is the same here: It works from the same network, from another network only a message appears.

Could you share more information about your setup. Device type, blueprint version etc

That’s a shame. Like you, I expected the image should still work, perhaps there is a setting we can look at in the HA app. What I’ll do is try to test it myself by removing my baseurl from the app.

I’m using your latest blueprint 14b. Notifications on Android.

Thanks, Found the bug affecting individual device notifications.Will be fixed later today.

New version released.

Clean-up of descriptions
Changed order of inputs
Added some section headers to help navigate all inputs as this thing is getting big.

Add tap action customisation
Add IOS Live view option
New input method for filters (hopefully easier than list format)

Add Debug option to help troubleshooting.
channel option for android
sticky option for android ( i think this is unnecessary but needs testing)


Notifications to my iPhone have stopped working. I upgraded to version 11.0.15 to see if that helped, but it hasn’t. This may coincide with upgrading iOS to version 16.4, but I can’t be certain.

The automation is being triggered, but the notification does not appear on my iPhone.

A test automation to just send a simple notification to my iPhone works. Any ideas?

Looks like perhaps it is related to this: Reddit - Dive into anything


Hmmm, randomly happening again on the latest stable release. Not as frequent as the old one though.

Damn, I’ve got one more option to try before i revert to the very first one which did seem to work. But confirm you are on 11.0.15?

The lines affecting this are (as of that stable version) 781 and 787

11.0.15 has those lines as {% if sub_label %}
The other version you said didnt work used {% if sub_label is defined %}
I can still try {% if sub_label not None %}

The original working one was {% if sub_label != None %}
I simply was looking for any ways to clean up the code.

You can insert those for now until I can publish a new one later.

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I can’t access reddit at the moment. Are there known yaml changes to fix it or it needs dev input?

Edit: found these

This one is related to IOS 16.4 specifically and seems to be a bug with local push, does it work if you turn off wifi?

This is some common troubleshooting I just found also (not specific to any new issue)

Yes, disabling local push works - seems to be a bug in iOS 16.4.

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Hi @SgtBatten, thanks a lot for all your work on the Frigate notification! It’s great, I love it and I love your updates. I’m using only iOS. Hats down for all your updates also for iOS even when you don’t have it.
I have few notes, I’m running the beta and I’ve just now updated to the latest beta but here are my notes for

  1. Action Button 2 URL is missing the View Clip option (also missing in

  2. Loitering notification is spamming me. A lot. I’m considering to disabled it. Also I don’t know why, but the text was not loitering but only was detected. And I was getting the notifications even when the Presence Filter was home all the time. I don’t know how to debug this, so if you can PM me with some instructions I would be glad.

  3. Can you make Mobile Device optional? I have that one empty and I’m using Notification Group or Android/Fire TV (Optional) where I have notification group of myself and wife.

  4. The Notification Icon (Optional) is Android only? In the release notes I see Added customisable Icons. - not sure if it works on IOS yet, can you PM me how it looks on Android so I can verify if that works on iOS? This doesn’t have any effect for me.

  5. View stream option is not working for me. It’s opening which returns 403: Forbidden. Any gues why? I can open camera.dvor entity in Developer tools and view the camera stream without any issues. Also I’m accessing my HA on local network using HTTP only and the IP which works fine.

Regarding the recent discussion above - I was not getting any notifications, disabling the local push helped - here is how: Local Push | Home Assistant Companion Docs

Thank you!

Thanks @palito. Glad to hear it

You can write any custom values also if you wanted to change them around, but happy to add View Clip to Action button 2 and 3 as options (already done in my copy so next version will have it)

It is optional of course (if you use the group notification below it) but I wanted to ensure people didn’t ignore that section when setting things up. You have to have one or the other so having both optional could be confusing which i why i didn’t call it optional.

It changes the home assistant icon on the notification to any other mdi icon.

It’s a bit unreliable and I need to look at a better way of doing it. The link is only valid for a (shortish) period after the notification is sent. After that the token expires and you get 403 forbidden.

Why do you think it is loitering?

I will be honest and say i’ve never used the loitering function (it was part of the original blueprint)
Still, i’d like to fix it for you.

In the newest beta I added a debug option to help see what the variables are at each iteration of the loop.

In the message field there is now a dropdown with several default options. The last one is Debug. Just select that, and trigger a notification to start getting outputs in your logbook.

Hmm the one I copied today was 11.0.14, did you just release 11.0.15? Guess Ill update it again.

before you do can you tell me what that line says?

Search for if sub_label

sorry for the weird indent it did @SgtBatten

                      {% if sub_label is defined %} 
                        {{title | replace('A Person', sub_label|title) | replace('Person', sub_label|title)}}
                    message: >
                      {% if sub_label is defined %} 
                        {{message | replace('A Person', sub_label|title) | replace('Person', sub_label|title)}}

Thanks, yep try .15

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Yup this is the issue. I’m the one that posted this on Reddit earlier after spending the morning troubleshooting. I only just migrated my Frigate install to version 12 yesterday and thought the notifications stopped working because of that. Timing eh!

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Thanks @Sach @perlguy9 @palito