Fujitsu AC units integration with HA

I have seen this long thread on this forum about how to control Fujitsu AC units from within HA, however as it’s an enormous thread and initially it refers to an app that I don’t think is applicable for the units I need to control, I don’t think that link is relevant.

Customer has these units: Fujitsu ARXG18KSLAP and I’d like to be able to control them from HA (or indeed Node-RED).

Fujitsu’s website shows this Wireless LAN Interface (UTYTFSXJ3) but I can’t find much information online about integrating with this interface.

Ideally I’d prefer to integrate using wired hardware not wireless. But I’m not too fussy - just need to control it from MQTT / HA / Node-RED.

This interface above uses Fujitsu’s own iOS / Android app, called “Airstage” (not “FGLair” as was quoted in the other thread).

Also there are four indoor units, and the Wireless LAN interface are one-to-one, meaning I’d need to purchase 4 of them - just seems like unnecessary amounts of gear to get this working, if someone knows a better way?

KNX is installed at the site, so that’s another option - just can’t find a hardware interface. Maybe someone has better Google-Fu than I do…

Any comments welcomed, as I’d love to integrate with this.

Also looking for some way of connecting Airstage to HA so will keep keeping a close eye on this, do post back if you find anything your end Mat!

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I heard back from Fujitsu, who confirmed that this device is compatible, to connect to a KNX network: Airstage™ (VRF Systems) : FJ-RC-KNX-1i - FUJITSU GENERAL GLOBAL

They said I will need 1 device per unit that needs controlling separately. A bit annoying, as I’ll need to add 4 of them to the KNX bus, but I will look into this.

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It seems like Fujitsu are moving to Airstage and discontinuing FGLAIR adapater.

I am just getting a wall and ducted system installed and all the suppliers are stating WLAN cards with Airstage are the only ones available (UK). Going to try and find a few of the older FGLAIR adapaters if I can.

Not sure if the Hi-Sense local control (which apparently worked with FGLAIR) will work with Airstage?

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Hello @gorstj,

It happens I am currently also looking for an integration for Airstage. The connection would be over wifi, not KNX as OP is looking for. I’ll post in the local controller posts and the “fujitsupy” threads to see if anyone has any experience.

@hazymat , on the website of Fujitsu, you can find the current addons available for most of their products, some of the technologies: Modbus, KNX, WLAN, physical connections to a controller. So i’d go for KNX as you mentioned it is already installed. Latest available information Here and Optional Parts. !! this is the global tnry and might differ depending on which region you’re at!!

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I would love a native integration for this. The Airstage app works well from Android.

As present, I am controlling the unit indirectly via Alexa. I have the Alexa Airstage skill set up, so I am sending an Alexa command from HA to an Echo device in the same room and using this to send it the “on” or “off” command. This works OK, but it’s hardly elegant.

I have one of the new Wireless LAN cards, TFSXH3 that only pair with the Airstage. therefore no linkage into HA etc. Let me know if anything is needed to any help testing.

Would you mind writing a bit more about what you have (maybe a pic or two) and saying what that card gives you in terms of remote control? ie does it only provide control from a Fujitsu app, what’s the app name, does it support multiple units or just one per unit, does it provide all controls such as fan speed / swing etc?

Did you fit it yourself, and how does it interface with your indoor unit?


Ah hadn’t even noticed the Alexa skill, that’s something…

I’m wondering if there’s a way to packet sniff the Airstage app whilst it’s doing its thing, maybe it’s sending relatively simple commands over the network that someone cleverer than I could turn into a HA integration…

Also noticed there is a basic integration with Google Home - once the units are working in the Airstage app you can search for Airstage in the ‘works with Google’ option in Google Home app to add them to your GH app. Seems like it only supports on/off and current temperature.

I’ll try to answer a little of that.

We had our unit installed by a third party and requested the card be installed as part of this. The WiFi can work both locally (WiFi direct, though, I think) or via the Fujitsu cloud. The app provided is called AirStage and provides full control over one or multiple units. It provides control of

Fan settings
Operation mode: Heat/Cold/Dry etc
Economy setting
Quiet settings


As I have mentioned, there is an Alexa skill, so I assume that there must be some sort of API.

I’m not sure how helpful that is, but if you are able to help it would be very much appreciated. AIUI, Airstage is to replace the old FGLAir app which is no longer available in Europe.

I have no idea if this information helps with the development of an intergation (I’m a bit out of my depth with understanding this stuff) but if you open the app and goto “settings > environment setting > open source library” then you can see all of the open source libraries they have credited for their app. It might be useful if someone more technical than me wanted to reverse engineer a way to integrate the app into home assistant.

Finding this section in the app gave me hope that a solution for native home assistant support is possible.

I’ve just had a Fujitsu system installed with the expectation that I could get fglair to work however I’ve got the new WiFi adaptors that can only be used with airstage.

I also have 2 airco’s with the new Airstage app.
WLAN Controller UTY-TFSXH3.

There must be an api indeed to control this with wifi-direct. So I’m going to try if I can sniff some traffic to see what is going on.

The QR code of these controllers = WLANSSID;WLANPASS; a number
This is the only information that is needed for the Airstage app apparently to be able to control it directly.

Those open source licenses are mostly for the ui framework the app uses.


The Airco’s are connectiong to which seems to be the api endpoint for the Airstage Public thing.

There is a webserver running on port 80 on the airco.
Surfing to the ip on http returns language selection followed with access point selection…

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I have a feeling the Airstage Mobile app will only be controlling via the cloud, which seems borne out by the Amazon endpoint. I assume it’s probably encrypted so might be difficult to figure out what calls it’s using? Not my area of expertise! But an earlier poster found out Fujitsu sell an adaptor that connects the units to a KNX control system so there’s some hope there is a local control option.

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We’ll see I have some ideas to try still…

Endpoints found all accept POST with jsondata


Flow seems to be you Register first with your own device IP
Then SetTime
Then a couple of GetParam
Then GetTimer
Then SetPollingList

Then it responds to an Endpoint on your own device that seems to be running inside the app.
but it’s not implemented and returns a 204 and a 500

So far I only get back
“result”: “NG”,
“error”: “0002”

Instead of

“result”: “OK”,
“error”: “”


This looks promising. Have you had a chance to make any progress?

I sent a message to the developer email listed on the airstage android play store requesting home assistant support. I’ve not received a reply but thought maybe it wouldn’t hurt to try the official channels given they already have integrations with Alexa and Google home.

I’ve also linked my system with Google home. It displays an on/off button so you can see the state of the device - however it doesn’t report temperature/mode information and there’s no thermostat style way of inputting a desired temperature - although if you ask Google assistant it can send a command to the unit to set the mode and temperature. When I have time I’ll have a play and see if there’s a way I can make a climate entity that sends a command through Google assistant when you change modes/temperature/turn on and off.

If anyone else has done something similar I’d really appreciate seeing how you’ve implemented it!

Check this forum thread → Fujitsu Air Conditioning integration - Airstage dongle - #29 by pietervanh


this is a little but of an old thread but i wanted to chime in…

ive been controlling air conditioners for a long time… for Fujitsu i use the Intesis Home automation interface… there are various models for your units… since fuji makes so many units I wont post part numbers here… fujitsu is changing their wired-interface as well from the classic 3 wire (there are a couple home-brew fujitsu control projects that make use of the 3 wire remote interface bus)… the new bus is non polar 2 wire… they arent compatible… i havent tried to crack the protocol… and apparently intesis isnt making a device for 2 wire yet… however any unit that has only the 2 wire will have a 4 wire UART… apparently this is 2 wire RS485 and then power / ground… it is where the fuji branded wifi controller connects on many of the units… I havent tried to crack it… I used t odo that for Chigo and LG units but no time so I just buy the intesis interfaces now… the home automation interface uses a standard ASCII text protocol you can easily write a script for… its a Local API connected via WiFi… they dont have an ether port… so even in an internet outage your HA system can still control the units… the interface is minimal as it does not tell you if the unit is operating or not… simply its settings… the ducted fujitsu as well as ceiling cassettes and floor models have a coiuple terminals that act as digital outputs to tell you if your unit is operating or not… in my case I have mine set to give me a 12 VDC high when the unit operates… since I know the mode i know if im heating or cooling… I also have sensors that monitor the return and discharge air temps as well as static pressure of my ducted units so I can tell my home automation my units are running… intesis has a nice compatibility checker to get the part number you need … they also have Modbus and KNX , BACnet as well… not cheap but they work and have a good support … you can buy intesis cloud controllers as well but i dont know if they have an accessible API or not… I keep one of the fujitsu wifi adapters around as thats the Only way ive found to actually get the A/C unit firmware itself updated… the FGLair and Airstage Apps will update an A/C unit firmware … nothing else seems to do it…