Fujitsu AC units integration with HA

I have seen this long thread on this forum about how to control Fujitsu AC units from within HA, however as it’s an enormous thread and initially it refers to an app that I don’t think is applicable for the units I need to control, I don’t think that link is relevant.

Customer has these units: Fujitsu ARXG18KSLAP and I’d like to be able to control them from HA (or indeed Node-RED).

Fujitsu’s website shows this Wireless LAN Interface (UTYTFSXJ3) but I can’t find much information online about integrating with this interface.

Ideally I’d prefer to integrate using wired hardware not wireless. But I’m not too fussy - just need to control it from MQTT / HA / Node-RED.

This interface above uses Fujitsu’s own iOS / Android app, called “Airstage” (not “FGLair” as was quoted in the other thread).

Also there are four indoor units, and the Wireless LAN interface are one-to-one, meaning I’d need to purchase 4 of them - just seems like unnecessary amounts of gear to get this working, if someone knows a better way?

KNX is installed at the site, so that’s another option - just can’t find a hardware interface. Maybe someone has better Google-Fu than I do…

Any comments welcomed, as I’d love to integrate with this.

Also looking for some way of connecting Airstage to HA so will keep keeping a close eye on this, do post back if you find anything your end Mat!

I heard back from Fujitsu, who confirmed that this device is compatible, to connect to a KNX network: Airstage™ (VRF Systems) : FJ-RC-KNX-1i - FUJITSU GENERAL GLOBAL

They said I will need 1 device per unit that needs controlling separately. A bit annoying, as I’ll need to add 4 of them to the KNX bus, but I will look into this.

It seems like Fujitsu are moving to Airstage and discontinuing FGLAIR adapater.

I am just getting a wall and ducted system installed and all the suppliers are stating WLAN cards with Airstage are the only ones available (UK). Going to try and find a few of the older FGLAIR adapaters if I can.

Not sure if the Hi-Sense local control (which apparently worked with FGLAIR) will work with Airstage?

Hello @gorstj,

It happens I am currently also looking for an integration for Airstage. The connection would be over wifi, not KNX as OP is looking for. I’ll post in the local controller posts and the “fujitsupy” threads to see if anyone has any experience.

@hazymat , on the website of Fujitsu, you can find the current addons available for most of their products, some of the technologies: Modbus, KNX, WLAN, physical connections to a controller. So i’d go for KNX as you mentioned it is already installed. Latest available information Here and Optional Parts. !! this is the global tnry and might differ depending on which region you’re at!!