FV installation with backup and batteries

I’m installing a FV system with an hybrid inverter and backup EPS and I want to install some Shelly EM to monitor just everything

Basically I have 3 inputs and 2 outputs:

  1. Power Network
  2. Solar power
  3. Batteries power I/O


  1. Regular loads
  2. Backup loads

Following this idea:

In this case, they don’t have batteries and only one output, so they only use 3 clamps.

But instead of installing 3 clamps in my case, I intended to install 5 clamps, one to each input and output mentioned above with 3 Shelly EM (2 clamps per Shelly).

Is this procedure right? Or do you feel I could optimize it a little (or maybe installing 1 more clamp somewhere I’m missing)

I just want to monitor how much power I deliver or get from the power network, how much power I receive from the sun, how much power I put and draw from the batteries, and since I have two separate circuits, one for regular loads and the other for the backup loads , I may need to monitor both loads separately.

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