Generic Security Component

I was thinking it’d be nice to have a generic security component to integrate sensors (door/window/motion/fire/etc), door locks, keypads, cameras, alarms/lights, and notification mechanisms (email/SMS/Phone,etc.).

There could be several standard options for image/video capture, timeouts, trigger sensors, arm/disarm, and outputs.

This is an excellent idea

I suppose I could give this thread a vote, but I’m facing a limit on how many threads I can vote for future requests.

Is there really a specific need that’s not already covered?

Door/window would be a binary sensor. Already available and have a state of either open or closed
Motion as sensor are already available .
Cameras already available.
Alarms already available. We a generic MQTT one and integration with a few specific ones.
Lights already available and any generic one could easily be integrated with existing components.
Notifications already available.

Most of this could be done with automation and scripts. A good example is available under Manual Alarm Control Panel
Only thing that I believe is missing would be the capturing of image/video. That part is a bit out of scope for HA i think.

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My thinking here is that these individual entities should be able to be “bundled” into a larger, more integrated component. This component would then be able to have states (armed/disarmed/tripped/alarm) that could be recorded and viewed later (along with image/video).

Perhaps a keypad web element could also be added to arm/disarm from the UI to be used on a tablet near the front door?

Just as there is desire for a weather component, I feel there is a good use-case for a security component.

Why not make use of Interlogix NX-8E which has a built-in RS232 (I believe NX-8E has NX-584 built-in) and then you can run pynx584 in your server. Why would you want to have Home Assistant be the brains of your security system? It is interesting that Home Assistant has a Manual Alarm Control Panel component, but what devices are available that can hook up wired door contacts, motion sensors, smoke alarms, and glass breaks/shock sensors so that it can be controlled and supervised by Home Assistant?

I am curious about this as I thought about doing this myself and build a touchscreen that functions as a virtual keypad.

I’m running off of a Raspberry Pi with a Razberry board for z-wave. I have z-wave door/window sensors, locks, alarms, motion sensors, water sensors and more.