Giex smart water valve

Hi, I have bought a giex smart water valve zigbee 3.0 and I want to integrate it into Home Assistant but zigbee2mqtt tells me that it is not compatible. Is there any way to do it? Thank you

Zigbee2MQTT will need a converter for zigbee-herdsman, and ZHA need a quirk/handler for zha-quirks




The reason why is explained here:


Both of those are custom quirks implementations that add translations for deviations from standards.

I found this device on the zigbee2mqtt list, and I’m wondering if it’s working well?

Does it restrict the water flow much?
Did you get it hooked up to zigbee2mqtt?

I have just received it, tested manually (by pressing the button on the side) - and it doesn’t appear to restrict the water flow.

The device connected fine to the latest version of Zigbee2MQTT (its now supported), but I can’t get the status to change in the Home Assistant UI though. From State: OFF to State: ON.

I have just installed this exact version. works well so far, but I have to understand the settings a little more. It did not integrate with HA ZHA, I had to use HA add-on : Zigbee2MQTT and enable autodiscovery on my mosquitto MQTT server. After that it popped right up and provided all relevant entities.

Sorry, did you get it to work with ZHA ? I can get to connect but it doesn’t expose any entities. Did you mean there that i need to have both zibee2mqtt and ZHA both active to work?

No you only need zigbeetomqtt. De-install zha.


I’ve been tinkering with this device for a week and it seems to work with z2m but has some issues:

  1. It takes upwards of 5-10 seconds for its status to change. Ie, Push On and it takes time for it to actually turn On. I think this has to do with the amount of data being sent to the tap, ie flow times and such

  2. There’s a connection issue with this device. It seems to stop communicating and needs to be paired with the network again. I have a sonoff ZigBee Plug nearby to act as a router and it still loses connection after 24 hours or so. I’m trying to work around this by using the availability feature in Z2M, currently have it set to passive: 180 which may drain the battery. I tried it at 780 and it lost connection after after a day. Hopefully I can slowly increase to somewhere between 180 and 780 with no connection loss.

I really want this device to work because it’s so reasonably priced

If want to use ZHA then start by submitting a new device support request with device signature and debug logs to ZHA Device Handlers →

ZHA will need a quirk/handler for zha-quirks if devices do not fully follow standard Zigbee specifcations, see →

Support for ZHA is ongoing:

I hope to add full settings support to HA next

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Is anyone still using this device with zigbee2mqtt? I’m thinking about purchasing it or the RTX version but seeing mixed reports for both.

I just got one for testing. I have very little experience so far. It integrated with zigbee2mqtt easily. I created a test card on my dashboard. I can successfully open and close the valve via Home Assistant so far. The issue is the valve state (open or closed) is not accurate. It looks like it keep defaulting to closed (even when it is open) which makes this problematic. I need to see if that can be fixed. Note: I’ve only been playing within for less than an hour.

Thank you. I have one arriving in a few days time. I think I read elsewhere that someone has had the above problem too.

It looks like the ZHA integration has more development for it. I don’t have ZHA installed and I am curious if it is worth the effort.

I have done some more testing and figured out how to bypass the issue where the valve is reporting itself as closed after some time.

In the Exposes tab for the device in Zigbee2MQTT, there is a setting called irrigation_target. The desciption is “Irrigation target, duration in seconds or capacity in litres (depending on mode)” and the default setting is a 1 in the box which according to the label is 1 second. After testing multiple times, the valve was turning on and then exactly 1 minute later was reporting the valve closed. I changed this to 2 and got a similar result- the valve opened and in 2 minutes reported itself closed.

You can see in the logs where it turned on at 10:06am and then turned off at 10:08am

Now, if you change the irrigation_target to 0, it no longer automatically closes.

You can see in the logs here that I set the irrigation target to 0, the valve opened and still is open 4 minutes later

This will suit my purposes as I am going to use soil moisture meters to turn the valve on and off. All I need the valve to do is open when it is told, close when it is told, and report the correct valve state. I have a soil moisture meter on the way.

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Great insights, thank you. It looks like it works perfectly.

I received mine a few hours ago. It replaces a Woox R7060 which didn’t last 12 months.

I’m so far very impressed with this device. It feels solid and well-built, and I’m pleased to see the inclusion of the metal connectors rather than plastic ones (although I did manage to cut my finger on one of the threads!).

Pairing with Z2M was a breeze and following @shaxs write up above, I’ve been able to get it running without issue.

The inclusion of some PTFE tape, various metal connectors and adaptors, a screwdriver for the battery compartment, and rubber 0-rings is a nice touch.

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Glad its working out! I have a huge container garden of trees (figs, pomegranate, Jamaican cherry ect) and vines (Passiflora, grapes, tomatoes), bushes (blueberries, jaboticaba, peppers ect). I plan to buy 5-6 of these along with moisture sensors. Currently they are on a set timer valve and somethings got overwatered vs underwatered. Looking to automate this better.

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@shaxs did your irrigation_start_time and irrigation_end_time values ever change to GMT (as it suggests), or did they start at 00:00:00 from time of pairing?

I am not sure to be honest