Google 'Echo Show'

Hi there!

This is half offtopic, but i want to share with you my new device. Once again i did nothing new, i just use old devices in a creative way.

What i did is to remove the screen from an old laptop, buy a controller in AliExpress, frame it , connect a lonely Google Chromecast, and the result is… my new “Google Echo Show”.

I use this name because as you can see it is inspired by Amazon Echo Show 15. Since it works with a Google Chromecast, it allows me to:

  • Play any streaming app on Android / Google TV
  • Launch Google Assistant through the remote (and control my home devices this way)

Also (this is the most interesting part), i use the app Dashboard Screen Saver to replace the default screen saver with an external URL which is (guess what) a dedicated wall panel from my Home Assistant.

I use this device in my home office, and it is pretty usefull to do anything i want. You can read full details about how i did it in aguacatec.

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