Dynamic automations with NFC

Hi all!

I have always thought that NFC technology is underrated and underused, despite its very low cost, its small size and not requiring any external power.

Because of this i made this writted up, to illustrate how you can create dynamic automations with NFC. In order to do that, i consider three different variables:

  • Devices and NFC tags
  • NFC readers
  • External variables

By combining all of them you can exponentially multiply the possibilities. For example, if you have a smart watch with NFC (1 device), and you use it with your smartphone and your tablet (2 NFC readers), you can generate different automations when it is night or day (2 external variables). This would generate 4 (1x2x2) different scenarios with a single NFC device.

If you find this approach interesting, I invite you to read the full article

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