Google TTS has stopped working (Hassio)



i have same problem,
google tts is not working…
here is my post en error log…

hope that fix is on the way…


So I was able to narrow down the problem by looking at the error messages in the HA log. A search afterwards took me to this post

Following the instructions I was able to reach and get the TTS MP3 file generated, which was step one of my problem. Next up was the ability to throw/play the local media MP3 file from HA TTS folder on my google home mini.

To simplify the troubleshooting I am not using SSL or HTTPS, to trying to be as basic as possible. After some probing here and there I was able to play the sound on Google home with my following configruation setup. Hope it may come in handy for anyone else.

    base_url: (my local IP, yours could be different)

# Text to speech
  - platform: google
    cache: true
    cache_dir: /config/www/tts
    time_memory: 120

I also found some “Morgan Freeman-ish (credits to the original producer)” notification sounds which could be a fun way to generate announce events either using google TTS on the fly MP3 generation or using prerecorded notifications, take a look here :slight_smile:

Shout out if the above was helpful for your to solve your TTS riddles.

Finding some troubles now in customizing automation for home sensor events, lets see if could make any headway over there.


Integrate HASS,IO + SmartThings with Google Home to announce Sensor Events or Variations