Govee news - there's a local API

Govee now has a local API for some devices. It’s available via the IP. If the device has a setting to enable local access, then you can use the API. The full documentation is in the app, too – alas, no URL for it, so I did screen captures and turned them into a PDF.

The protocol is a simple UDP messaging
scan - get the devices to report
turn brightness etc., corresponding roughly to the cloud API
devStatus returns local status.

No notification so I need to poll

It’s far from perfect, but a very encouraging start, and I already have it working locally.

I want to encourage them to continue the effort.


How long do you think this will take for HACS or HA integration? I’m new to HA as I’ve been using Alexa for Govee. Due to the quantity of Govee lights throughout my home I run into issues consistently.