HACS question about adding repositories

This is a really quick question :wink:

I use a lot of the plugins by @thomasloven. Do I need to add all of the repositories for every card individually to HACS?

Or is there a short cut to all of them?
Or should they be found automatically and I have missed something?

If they are not in the store then you need to add them individually.
Not all repositories are compatible yet, The only way to find out is to add them.

The more popular HACS gets i am sure more repositories will become available, just like the custom updater it replaces

Link to HACS for anyone not aware

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All Thomas’ have to be added one by one…

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Thanks to you both. I wasn’t sure if you could flag more than one ‘Solution’ so apologies if either of you got more than one notification while I flipped back and forth!

David’s was more precise but aidbush’s more informative :roll_eyes::sunglasses:

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Just happy people are posting about HACS, @ludeeus has done an amazing job with this and it looks and works great and should get the credit he deserves.

There needs to be a thread for it really… I’m surprised there’s been no announcement…

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Yes there does, I only found out about it by chance.

And incidentally I have had no success loading anything using a custom repository.
HACS reports everything is ok but it doesn’t seem to copy any files.

I plan on doing some further investigation before opening an issue or a separate forum post but if anyone knows the solution and can post here then thanks…

So you added the repos… is it them listing the cards in the store?

And you select and tap install on the card you want? How do you know it hasn’t copied the card? (Not being funny but say WinSCP if you don’t refresh it it won’t show newly added cards) Also HACS does seem to need to refresh which takes a little time…

Thanks for the reply. I’m not able to check anything now but will do so later (or most probably tomorrow).

Some of Thomas’ repos added to default in HACS 0.7 now…


I could find card-mod which not only seems to have had its name changed from card-modder to card-mod and from a type: js to type: module without warning but also doesn’t seem to work…
(I have done browser refresh)


I wonder what that extra main.js file is?


Browser errors/warnings

card-mod and card-modder is not the same thing

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Yeah as Ludeeus said it’s a different card that will eventually replace card-modder.

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Ok after being side tracked by card-mod I have tried again to install some other cards but maybe I am doing something wrong as none of them seem to work.



Gives me this:


And this:

2019-06-14 17:11:08 [custom_components.hacs.frontend] GET POST call for repository_register with new
2019-06-14 17:11:08 [custom_components.hacs.frontend] GET POST call for thomasloven/fold-entity-row with integration
2019-06-14 17:11:08 [custom_components.hacs.hacs] Starting repository registration for thomasloven/fold-entity-row
2019-06-14 17:11:08 [custom_components.hacs.hacs] thomasloven/fold-entity-row - Not Found
2019-06-14 17:11:08 [custom_components.hacs.hacs] thomasloven/fold-entity-row - Could not register.
2019-06-14 17:11:10 [custom_components.hacs.frontend] GET API call for log with get

I’m happy to raise an issue on GitHub if it really isn’t something I’m doing wrong.

It is something you are doing wrong, that repository does not exist :wink:
Every repo @thomasloven have for Lovelace plugins are prefixed by lovelace- :wink:

Thank you, I guessed it was me :roll_eyes:

Am I right in thinking that they are not all compatible yet?

Maybe :man_shrugging: I have never tried