Has anbody a working setup of the Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS001?

I am trying to setup a Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS001 with software version 3.2 in Home Assistant.
I used the OZWCP web application to setup the sensor and now I have the following entities in HA:


The entites temperature and luminance seem to work.
But I noticed that only the entity “sensor.fibaro_system_fgms001_motion_sensor_burglar_31” changes its value if the sensor detectes motion:
Value 8 - for motion
Value 3 - seems to be the value for tampering

I guess something is not correct because the HA documentation says:
“In order for Home Assistant to recognize well the sensor, you will need to change its configuration from Basic Set (default) to Binary Sensor report or Alarm report”.

But the sensor does not have a Binary Sensor report:
From the fibaro documentation:

The parameter determines the command frames sent in 1-st
association group, assigned to PIR sensor.
0 - BASIC ON and BASIC OFF command frames sent in Basic
Command Class.
1 - only the BASIC ON command frame sent in Basic Command
2 - only the BASIC OFF command frame sent in Basic CommandClass.
Values of BASIC ON and BASIC OFF command frames may be
modified by dedicated parameters.
Default setting: 0

14. BASIC ON command frame value
The value of 255 allows to turn ON a device. In case of the Dimmer,
the value of 255 means turning ON at the last memorized state, e.g.
the Dimmer turned ON at 30% and turned OFF using the value of
255, and then turned OFF, will be turned ON at 30%, i.e. the last
memorized state.
Available settings: 0 - 255
Default setting: 255

16. BASIC OFF command frame value
The command frame sent at the moment of motion alarm
cancellation, after the cancellation delay time, specified in parameter
6, has passed.
The value of 0 allows to turn a device OFF while the value of 255
allows to turn ON a device. In case of the Dimmer, the value of 255
means turning ON at the last memorized state, e.g. the Dimmer
turned ON at 30% and turned OFF using the value of 255, and then
turned OFF, will be turned ON at 30%, i.e. the last memorized state.
Available settings: 0 - 255
Default setting: 0

Please help

I watch the state change to “8” no problems till now… am only using HA for a few days so I am no expert.
Could you point me out to where in the docs they say it should be a binary sensor? I think I missed that part.

Hi Roel,

it´s in the HA Documentation “Z-Wave Device Specific Settings -> Motion or alarm sensors”
here the link https://home-assistant.io/getting-started/z-wave-device-specific/

The aeotec multisensors report the same way. If you go into open z wave control panel, you should be able to set it to binary sensor in the configuration section.

Hello rpitera,

I have read about the aeotec multisensor. But I don’t understand this and I haven’t found the place in OZWCP where I have to make this change. Maybe I am looking into the wrong direction.I thought I have to change somehow the z-wave command class ( check the quotet text from the fibaro documentation).

Could you provide a screenshot of OZWCP where I have to make this change?

Did you add the sensor with secure mode?

Well, it’s going to be different for you because I don’t have a fibaro sensor to show as an example. But I do have to add another switch in today and when I do, I’ll go into OZWCP and take a screen shot of where I set this up on the Aeotecs.

It should be right at the top in a drop down menu when you have the device highlighted and select the configuration options, but let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll get that screen shot to you.

Maybe you can help both of us here as I am still cutting my teeth on ZWave as well. I can understand wanting to set up in secure mode for something like a door lock, but what is the advantage with things like sensors?

Not a criticism; I honestly don’t know and I would benefit from understanding.

Yes, it´s setup in secure mode. This is the difference to the old v2.6 model. The new v3.2 model is a z-wave+ device and can be used in secured and unsecured mode. I started my setup in the unsecured mode afterwards I switched to the secured mode. But I did not notice any differences.

(Theoretically) If you have unsecured motion control, someone can tamper it somehow like stop all motion sensor alarms. Then just break a window and enter there, if the alarm system depends on motion sensors.

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Can you switch a device later to secured mode? I can only do that by removing and adding the device again? Or did you mean that?

My Aeotec sensors have tamper alerts built in - I’d be surprised if the Fibaro didn’t too.[quote=“MarkoMarjamaa, post:11, topic:3135”]
Can you switch a device later to secured mode?
No; you’ll have to remove the node and re-add it. That much I do know from watching a thread on ZWave locks.

Right, I did it the same way.

Tamper alerts are only for physical tampering.
If you have unsecured device, someone can send a command to device to shut alarms off.

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Ah, didn’t understand - still learning. Thanks for that important piece of info.

I use

  - platform: state
    entity_id: binary_sensor.fibaro_system_fgms001_motion_sensor_sensor_14
    to: 'on'

with succes, no problems.

I don’t think i changed the Fibaro to ‘Binary’ (instead of ‘Basic Set’). I only did that for my Aeon ZW074 motion sensor.

This is exactly the behaviour I would like to have!
At the beginning the state of “binary_sensor.fibaro_system_fgms001_motion_sensor_sensor” was “on” for about 2 hours. Not it is always “off”. That means in my configuration the state of this entity is not related to the motion sensor.

  • What could be the reason?
  • Which version of the sensor do you have? V2.6 or 3.2?
  • What´s your setup in OZWCP? Have you configured any parameters?

I also just reconfigured my devices with ozwcp. Changed names to more sane names for my setup.
Could not find an option to switch the sensors to binary.
The binary sensor entity is now also always ’ on’ :frowning:
The burglar entity still switches to ‘8’ on movement detection

I don’t know about the version, it is the Z-Wave+ version i thought.

The time that it changes from on to off can be configured, i have set it to 30 secs. Wake-up interval i have set to 60secs.
But i don’t have the sensor on battery, i have modded the sensor to work on mains voltage.

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My sensor in ozwcp is also set to:

Motion alarm cancellation delay: 30 seconds

because it is the default.

Relating to the “Wake up intervall” the fibaro documentation says it is by default 7200sec. This parameter is only forseen to communicate with the ´main controller to get parameter updates. Fibaro documentation says:

It’s not recommended to set the value of Wake Up
interval below 10 seconds. Short wake up interval
may shorten the battery life and delay the reports or
even make them impossible.

Your device is not running on battery but mine so it makes no sense for me to change this setting.

But I noticed that the state of the “binary_sensor.fibaro_system_fgms001_motion_sensor_sensor” entity changes to “on” if I wake up my device by pressing the internal button and after 7200 seconds it switches back to “off” ???