Hassio official android app - can't enable push notifications

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The toggle is in your profile settings. It does not appear to be implemented in the Android app yet, nor are there any options under the “App Configuration” tab yet. The app is still pretty new so there will probably be some growth period while it is flushed out.

The Chrome app still works and currently supports the HTML5 push notifications as well as most of the features of the app (aside from location and battery level reporting, which was just added in the past few days). Personally I’ve found the HTML5 push notifications to be very unreliable and have had a lot more success with Telegram

Yes I’ll go back to Chrome for now, I too find HTML5 push unreliable on my phone but I think in my case it’s due to my Huawei phone’s aggressive power management routines. Works fine on my wife’s xiaomi phone.
I hope maybe the app may be able to work round this better than chrome but maybe not. Slack notifications seem to work fine so I’ll use that for now.

Well that has been there along time so I did not even give that a thought to be doing something for the app and I really hope it won’t. I really hope the will use the mobile_app notification as ariela do!

I can confirm that you can’t enable push notifications with the app yet.

Now available.

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Forgive the double post but I’ve followed the instructions in Push Notifications now available! but the push notifications app toggle switch is still disabled and I cannot receive push notifications. How do I enable it please?

You seem to be confused on the push notifications. The toggle you are referring to is in the USER page on HA. The app’s push notifications are in the “APP CONFIGURATION” page.

Thanks for the response but what I am seeing does not agree with you!

HA on windows 10…

HA app on Android, app configuration page…

User/profile page…

Sorry. I forgot that the option isn’t there.

It’s enabled by default. This has nothing to do with the HTML5 push notifications which you are seeing in the user/profile page.

Forget that HTML5 push notifs are a thing for this app. Just make sure you have mobile_app: in your configuration yaml.

Yep, that’s all there but still no app notifications, unless I am doing it wrong?


Works perfect for me.

hmm, ok. :confused:

got it working. not sure what I did specifically but I removed default_config in order to remove the map, logbook and history, put back the config items I do want/need and restarted HA and it’s working. Curious.

I don’t have default_config and have restarted many times. Still don’t receive anything on the phone.

Added default_config:, even though I already had mobile_app:, restarted, removed default_config:, restarted again and it worked

Hi, am a little confused. I too don’t see the ability to add push notification in the mobile app.
I have the integration added in Hassio, and can see location, but no ability to notify etc.
I have default_config: in the config yaml, but nothing else.

Am I missing something?

When you go to the sidebar Developer Tools -> Services is there a service called notify.mobile_app.....?

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I just did a host reboot and it’s suddenly appeared. Apologies for wasting anyone’s time. It wasn’t there previously.

The three things I get now are:
full geolocation
zone info (i.e. am sat in a custom zone and it tells me am in gym for instance).

I noticed that for the IOS component there’s significantly more information in terms of wifi connection, strength, and all manner of other sensory components. Is this normal? Or should the android app be spewing out this also? Sorry for the questions!

The Android app is not on the same level as the IOS app, however they are working to make the two “even”. However the WiFi connection is shown as well on my system, it just shows to which WiFi the phone is connected to.

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Thanks for the response. No SSID here- checked all the variants, nothing re my phone. I’m on a one plus 7 pro, but then am also not at home so possibly the phone isn’t able to convey to the system what I am attached too (not on nabu casa yet). At the moment, my android principle location tracker is life360. Are you using the android app for yours when you’re out and about?