Push Notifications now available!

Push Notifications have just gone live in version 1.2.0. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Update app to 1.2.0
  2. Open app once
  3. Restart HA
  4. A new notify service prefixed with notify.mobile_app_ will appear
  5. Send a notification there
  6. Profit

Only basic fields like title and message are supported for now. Obviously we hope to gain parity with iOS at some point.



Great work. Thank you

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Thanks for hard work!

If someone has the time, it would be appreciated to get a nodered example on how to a send notification to native app.

Works great !!

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It’s the same as you would send any other notification.

Love it, release often, I love it, don’t wait for everything to be feature complete.

Awesome! Features keep coming and coming :grin:
Thanks for the great work!

Awesome work!! I’ve been waiting for this day for a while!

Awesome! Was just telling myself last night that I was going to work on getting alerts setup as soon as the app has notification support. Guess I have some work to do now

No joy on OnePlus 7 Pro - Android 10

tried sending {title: “title”, message “message”} and just message.

Getting error: “Requested entity was not found.”

found duplicate entry in core.config_entries, deleted the first and now working



Works great!

I’m not seeing the new service notify.mobile_app in Hass.io > Developer Tools > Services.
Does this require HA 0.103?

Did not follow instructions. Service now shows after HA restart.

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Seems to be pretty quick at home with both devices on wifi. Will have to setup something for when I’m out and see how that works.
Is there some way to choose the notification sound on my phone?
I’m assuming not yet as I couldn’t find it, but thought I’d ask. I may have missed it.
Great work everyone involved.

I had to uninstall the app on my wife’s Pixel 3XL and reinstall for the service to show up in Hassio. Not sure what happened there, but it seems to be working great so far!


It’s amazing how quickly progress is being made on this app. Fantastic work, thank you very much!

I followed the steps described, but nothing shows up under services beginning with notify.
The App now reports 1.2.0 and my HA is 0.101.3
What am I missing here?

	"id": "3c5fb6a7.e5f86a",
	"type": "api-call-service",
	"z": "299ef4ea.68dacc",
	"name": "",
	"server": "d86c8a3e.cc7138",
	"version": 1,
	"debugenabled": false,
	"service_domain": "notify",
	"service": "mobile_app_oneplus_a6003",
	"entityId": "",
	"data": "",
	"dataType": "json",
	"mergecontext": "",
	"output_location": "payload",
	"output_location_type": "msg",
	"mustacheAltTags": false,
	"x": 1080,
	"y": 320,
	"wires": [
}, {
	"id": "ba53ee9b.a80b5",
	"type": "change",
	"z": "299ef4ea.68dacc",
	"name": "",
	"rules": [{
		"t": "set",
		"p": "payload",
		"pt": "msg",
		"to": "{\"data\":{\"message\":\"test\",\"title\":\"Home Ass Alert\",\"data\":{\"android\":{\"notification\":{\"image\":\"https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0f/7b/fa/0f7bfa4e6775b5977694a6036fc85b48.png\"}}}}}",
		"tot": "json"
	"action": "",
	"property": "",
	"from": "",
	"to": "",
	"reg": false,
	"x": 820,
	"y": 320,
	"wires": [
}, {
	"id": "6090b989.0ae438",
	"type": "inject",
	"z": "299ef4ea.68dacc",
	"name": "",
	"topic": "",
	"payload": "",
	"payloadType": "date",
	"repeat": "",
	"crontab": "",
	"once": false,
	"onceDelay": 0.1,
	"x": 660,
	"y": 320,
	"wires": [
}, {
	"id": "b1635e8.ce748a",
	"type": "debug",
	"z": "299ef4ea.68dacc",
	"name": "Alert - APP",
	"active": true,
	"tosidebar": true,
	"console": false,
	"tostatus": false,
	"complete": "true",
	"targetType": "full",
	"x": 1330,
	"y": 320,
	"wires": []
}, {
	"id": "d86c8a3e.cc7138",
	"type": "server",
	"z": "",
	"name": "Home Assistant",
	"legacy": false,
	"hassio": false,
	"rejectUnauthorizedCerts": true

Can you post an example of the data required for the service call. I can see the service after restart but cannot get a push notification when calling it with:

title: ‘Awesome’
message: ‘It works!’

Do we need to sign out and back in on the mobile app again. Or am I missing something else.

Oneplus 6 user…

@robbiet480 gave this example over on Reddit:

message: "text"
      image: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0f/7b/fa/0f7bfa4e6775b5977694a6036fc85b48.png

For a simple message

title: "My Home Assistant"
message: "this works!"