Haverland Radiators Smart Box Integration

Recently purchased a couple of Haverland radiators and the Smart Box controller: https://21stcenturyheating.co.uk/product/haverland-ultrad-smartbox/

These seem to be popular in the UK and Spain. I was wondering if anyone is working on a custom component for this or has a suggestion on how this works and how it could be integrated?

Came across this: A REST client for Haverland Smartwave Heaters. REST is new for me, but basic integration (reading sensors) of the heaters with REST seems to work well. Lots to learn, especially tokens and refresh tokens.

Hey @nicky just got some Technotherm radiators and have the same Smart Box as you. Albeit with different branding. Did you manage to get any info from the box? I’d love to get these integrated to HA

i have the same radiators… have any update to sync with ha??

Thanks for all.

Good news is that I did have certain success with integrating these heaters with HA through the Haverland API. The link noted above A REST client for Haverland Smartwave Heaters contains the basic information needed to interface with the API. From that, and many attempts at banging away at it, I was able to write a python script that “speaks” with the API and posts messages to MQTT. The script functions exactly like Haverland’s Web App. It was then possible to use the MQTT climate component and combinations of sensors and switches to establish HA control and automation. It appears that it would be possible for someone with the talent and experience to write a custom MQTT component for these heaters.

Now for the bad news: Though I am fairly bad at writing code, I did plan on taking a stab at a custom MQTT component, but I am now hopelessly busy with moving and work, so the plan is to get through the winter using my hack script and take a fresh look at this in the spring. In the meantime, I would be happy to answer questions about my experience with the API that might be helpful for anyone who wants to take a stab at this. These have proven to be excellent heaters and it would be great to have them professionally integrated into HA.

Interesting. Technotherm does use the same Smart Box controller. I didn’t have much luck with trying to figure out the Smart Box controller itself, because it is not installed at my location. I did have success with Haverland’s API though. I could not find any web based link to Technotherm’s API. It seems that is only possible through their app. Now that their are two rather large companies using the same piece of hardware (the Smart Box controller) it might be possible for someone far more talented and experienced than I to figure out the protocol it uses to communicate with the heaters and write a component that does not rely on the API.

Technotherm manual lists the url of the web app. While the interface is identical to Haverland they are using their own API. You can log in via the web and use apps like Request Maker or Postman to figure out the url of the API. My guess is that its structure and function are similar or identical to Haverland’s.

Thanks for the update, that all sounds promising. I was able to find the API URL with wireshark, It uses the same domain as haverland but with a different host


I was able to compile the Haverland client but not sure how to use it.

I tried some curl commands but couldn’t seems to get it working

curl -X POST \
-d '{ "username":"XXXXXXXXXXXX", "password":"XXXXXXXXXXXX", "grant_type": "password" }'\
-H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \
-H "Authorization: Basic NTU3OTM4OWJlMzc3ZWQyOTBiMGQ1NTNlOlVMREI2NjRz" \

I’ll try some of the apps you mentioned and see if I can get more info

Cool! Bit late in the day in my neck of the woods, but I will post my experience with the Haverland API in the clear light of tomorrow, but as a heads up: Haveland’s API root url is at https://api-haverland.helki.com. Helki seems to be the key.

I really like how your integration looks. I have been playing around with it some more today and I was able to POST to the app and update my radiators. I now know that the controls are possible

curl -X POST \
-d '{"mode":"manual","stemp":"17.0","units":"C"}' \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H 'Accept: application/json, text/plain, */*' \
-H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" \

I’d be interested to see how you integrated it with HA

Bingo! That’s identical to the Haverland API. Good news that two seemingly large European manufacturers of electric radiators have adopted identical tech for smart electric radiators. I ended up running a python script on a RP outside of HA that interfaces the API with HA MQTT climate component and MQTT switches and sensors. It is a crude approach, but it does work. I know that it is possible to create a component based on an API something like this. But I lack the time (and talent) to pursue it at the moment. I will try and post my humble python script to github in the next day or two. I have been super happy with my heaters and now that it seems like the Smart Box tech is being more widely adopted it might be practical for someone to create a component for “official” integration with HA.

Excellent stuff! My coding knowledge is horrendous, but I will help out where I can. I can hopefully draft in a coder friend of mine to help out.
I’m looking forward to seeing the script!

Found another manufacturer who has adopter the tech: HJM. Seems the tech is becoming more widely adopted.

I came across a few more in my searching. Had you looked at trying to communicate with the radiators with RFLink? It would require additional hardware

I was planning on experimenting with the Smart Box itself while I had it in my hands, but got swamped with a bunch of “life” stuff. Then had to head back to my current location, which is many thousands of kilometers from the heaters, so when things slowed down enough to mess with it, the only practical option was through the API. My guess is that the Smart Box is just an RF blaster of some sort. If it is, it should be possible to use my trusty Broadlink RMs to use HA to learn the codes and control the radiators directly. It also might be that the Smart Box communicates with the radiators via another protocol. Just have no way of knowing until I am “back in the saddle again”.

Hey guys you might want to try this custom component …maybe it works

Hmmm… The Cozy system is quite similar to the Smart Box system in that it relies on a bridge to communicate between the app (API) and the heaters. Much nicer looking bridge though. I can see from the client that the API endpoints are different, though similar in structure. Won’t work “out of the box”, but no doubt that this could be adapted for use as a custom component for the Smart Box system. Good news: smart electric radiators have arrived (in Europe at least) and are here to stay.

Thought about it overnight and my experience with RF and IR is that it is “one way” communication. The radiators are sending data back to the bridge so it seems that some different protocol is at play. The Cosy Touch appears to be running on somfy io-homecontrol, so given the similarities, perhaps Smart Box works this way?

Posted the script at github haverland-mqtt.

Thanks for sharing. I’m going to try deploying over the weekend

I found 2 more companies with the same Smartbox