Helper UI -> generate YAML button

Kindly requesting a button in the UI → to generate YAML config upon a Helper defined in the UI.

Above is the Settings window for a Template Helper defined in the UI. When you click Template options, yet another window opens that allows to edit the state template:

My proposition:

  • Add a button in the Settings windows that would “generate” the YAML equivalent of the helper. In this particular case, it should generate:
      - binary_sensor:
          - name: FP2 as motion detector
            unique_id: fp2_as_motion_detector
            device_class: motion
            state: "{{ states('binary_sensor.ps1_aqara_fp2_e267_presence_sensor_bathroom_general_presence') }}"
  • The comments to the docs in generated YAML could be skipped – although I personally find them useful :wink:
  • Instead of opening a window with code to copy → the button could just copy the YAML into memory (allowing pasting in the favorite editor).
  • Or maybe even the button (or an extra buton) could immediately (or after confirmation ;-)) just put the YAML into the config.

This should allow easier migration of the helpers defined in the UI into YAML config.

I think this would also be a great opportunity for people wanting to learn how to write YAML config entries – as one could immediately see what is the YAML equivalent of the helpers they configured using the convinient UI.

I find the UI helpers pretty useful to discover and learn available options → but after experimentation phase, I’d eventually want to store configuration in… a config file :slight_smile: