Hildebrandglow - Smart Meters - SMETS2


Where do I a fine the Application ID when setting up the integration?


I added the repository into HA using the custom repository section. When I visit the integration section it doesn’t show Hildebrand Glow at all to install. Any ideas what simple thing im doing wrong.

I just tried adding https://github.com/HandyHat/ha-hildebrandglow-dcc to HACS and that works, the other non-dcc one doesn’t load up, assume because it’s archived

That is correct. I have tried the same yesterday and HACS was failing to verify the repository. I have forked it just to prove that HACS works and it works fine when using my un-archived fork.

In other news:

Hildebrand Glow have just released local MQTT support via their IHD (so no need for the cloud anymore - the non-dcc (mqtt) integration).

There is a new thread started by another user on this topic and I am currently working on it. I will provide more info there.

UPDATE - Info provided in that thread

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ive just received my IHD today, setup and works perfectly! and even setup the local MQTT to my home assistant and works a treat too!

{"electricitymeter":{"timestamp":"2022-06-10T10:00:36Z","energy":{"export":{"cumulative":0.009,"units":"kWh"},"import":{"cumulative":4696.774,"day":2.017,"week":19.851,"month":46.810,"units":"kWh","mpan":"1300006781869","supplier":"British Gas","price":{"unitrate":0.29584,"standingcharge":0.47580}}},"power":{"value":0.124,"units":"kW"}}}
{"gasmeter":{"timestamp":"2022-06-10T10:00:33Z","energy":{"export":{"cumulative":0.000,"units":"kWh"},"import":{"cumulative":1430.298,"day":0.569,"week":24.896,"month":54.450,"units":"kWh","mprn":"not available","supplier":"---","price":{"unitrate":54.45000,"standingcharge":0.27220}}},"power":{"value":0.000,"units":"kW"}}}

im just not sure how to get this data into home assistant now? i would of through the module would auto-detect i now have 3 devices listed instead of 2 but maybe im wrong? (gas meter, elec meter, new ihd)

Hi Simon,

Have a look here:

im literally just looking at that now and setting it up haha

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Your Gas readings unit rate looks horrendous - 54.4 p per kWh ? Would be worth getting your supplier to check that and correct it.

if you actually parse it with HA, its actually showing £54.45p per kWh of gas :rofl:

and oh trust me ive spoke to BRITISHGAS about 100 times over the past 3 years TRYING to get my old IHD from them fixed/working with my gas, they refused to replace it because its older than 1 year old even though its not worked since day 1 (different long story)

then last week i decided to bite the bullet and purchase the new IHD from glowmarkt and it works a treat!

glowmarkt are looking into my account however as the IHD, their app and the MQTT from the IHD are all displaying different prices for both standing and rate figures

they say the IHD and their app get the figures directly from the smart meter (which seems to the 0p standing charge and 27p for the unit rate)

but im not sure where the MQTT gets the figures from then to show those type of figures?

I never had an IHD from my old provider Utility Point so I had to buy my own. I moved to Avro just before they went bust and ended up with Octopus. They are very tech savvy and got my meters working right as UP messed up my gas rate as well.

if i could move provider i would do, but cant as stuck on stupid ‘standard variable rate’ and nowhere will accept me, not even octopus as ive heard amazing things about them

Can anyone tell me if this works to receive current balance on prepaid meters? I signed up in the Bright app and I can see the energy data it’s pulled from the meter. Haven’t got a glow device yet though, I’m not really interested in realtime energy usage it’s the current meter balance I’m after

I have an issue in the Energy dashboard where the total daily gas figure is being added to the next days gas figures between 00:00 - 01:00. So on the 29th June I get the total gas consumption for the 28th June in the 00:00 - 01:00 column and then the hourly correct figures for the 29th June, resulting in roughly twice my gas consumption being shown ( see picture below - there should be no gas consumption between 00:00 - 01:00).

I’m going around in circles trying to work out what could be going wrong, as I setup the Hild MQTT sensors ages ago, and have forgotten where I got them from! Has anyone seen this? The actual smart meter display is showing the correct figures (without the previous days total being added).

hi there i have a EON SMETS2 meter and on the little device they gave me it shows the energy usage in real time of what the house is using.

I have registered and have the bright app installed and connected but it only shows data every 30mins?

Is there a way that i can locally tap into the realtime feed to update one of my tiles on home assistant - its quite handy to glance at so i can see what solar power is being generated and what the house is using.

Via this free integration, all you can get is data delayed 30 minutes, updated every 30.
You’ll need to buy a Glow device for real-time data.

@ColinRobbins thank you for the reply.

so all i need is this ? Display and CAD - Smart meters – Glow from Hildebrand (glowmarkt.com)

And then i can pull data off that unit every second ?

That is my understanding, but I do not have one, so cannot confirm. The 30 minute delayed data is sufficient for my needs.

I have that Glow Display and CAD device (SMETS2) and use local MQTT to integrate with Home Assistant:

The real-time readings are typically updated every 10-20 seconds for me.

thanks i have it setup with MQTT

Not sure how I pull real time energy usage into the energy part of HA?

I have my Energy dashboard configured to use “Smart Meter Electricity: Import” as the “Consumed Energy (kWh)” and “Smart Meter Electricity: Cost (Today)” for “Use an entity tracking the total costs” - I haven’t verified the numbers but it seems to work, insofar as it populates the default “Energy usage” graph (after a couple of hours from first configured) and shows the Cost associated with the energy used.