Home Assistant Community Add-on: SSH & Web Terminal

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yes on a mac

Hi, if I mount an external disk in /mnt/x or /share/x using this addon will it be available in another addon provided that it has /mnt or /share in its volumes?

I am trying to make a mounted local drive (or password protected smb) available in another addon (emby) but the only way that I found is using portainer cli which isn’t persistant at addon restart… Thanks!

Hi all,
I’m trying to copy long output (of dmesg) via SSH WebUI.
I have only web access to my instance so I tried to do that via the web interface of the addon.
The output was huge and I tried to copy it via SHIFT + select.
However, I can only select (and copy) the currently displayed output, I can’t scroll up.

Without pressing SHIFT (text is selected with orange background) the text automatically scrolls up when selecting, but this doesn’t happen when I try to copy text (grey background)

I’m using Windows 10 and Chrome 87 it that changes anything.

Sorry, I just come here from Raspbian as it was “unsupported”, so started to be really unsupported, also with issues in add-ons.
Is there a chance that having Home Assistant installation to have SSH access without running any SSh addon? To start permanent SSH server via ssh? As it was in Raspbian, e.g.

Not if you’re running HA OS - there is only a limited debug ssh by default.

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Hi, here is how to enable the host ssh on port 22222 of home assistant. I’ve never managed to make it work but the option exists. https://developers.home-assistant.io/docs/operating-system/debugging/

Edit : an alternative is this addon here [Add-on] HassOS SSH port 22222 Configurator

Thanks @ alexbelgium , I’ll give a try

Finally I am moving towards HA supervised as per my signature

My config file looks identical to yours, except my key, and it is rejected. If I change and put in a password it works. I’m sure I am doing something wrong with the pair created with puttygen. I thought it would be easier to find out what with the community add on rather than the ssh troubleshootiing using 22222 . Is there any settings in putty gen that I maybe missing? I am using RSA and 2048 which I believe is the default.
Just found the issue. You also need to edit the private file and convert it to Linux from windows.

Hi, a user created an addon to make the process much easier here : [Add-on] HassOS SSH port 22222 Configurator

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I can not start the addon anymore; gives me Invalid list for authorized_keys. I opened up my private key with puttygen and it’s the same one, and I didn’t move the file location on my windows PC. I am unable to edit the add-on configuration. For example, changing the username from hassio to homeassistant gave this error:

Failed to save addon configuration, not a valid value for dictionary value @ data[‘options’]. Got {‘ssh’: {‘username’: ‘homeassistant’, ‘password’: ‘’, ‘authorized_keys’:
rsa-key-20200621’, ‘sftp’: False, 'compati…

Also to note, I can no longer SSH with putty either. Here’s my config

My auth keys is a secret and looks like this:

  - secret! Etc

My other settings are similar to yours. Your key may need to be in quotes as well?

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Thanks for the reply, David! I just tried to put the key – everything after ssh-rsa, and everything before rsa-key-20200621 – in quotes, both single and double, but got this error:

BlockquoteFailed to save addon configuration, not a valid value for dictionary value @ data[‘options’]. Got {‘ssh’: {‘username’: ‘hassio’, ‘password’: ‘’, ‘authorized_keys’: ‘ssh-rsa redacted rsa-key-20200621’, ‘sftp’: False, 'compatibility_…

  - ssh-rsa AAAAB3Nz

Just checked my secrets. It would be all one line and not multi line as well.

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That fixed it! You are the man!!!

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Sorry for my ignorance but is there a way to access the addons folder so I can read other addon’s settings?

Edit: It turns out that the addon mounts /mnt/data/supervisor/addons/local so it doesn’t expose the whole addons folder :confused:.

Just did a clean supervised install of HA 2021.2.3 on latest armbian and the SSH&Web Terminal add-on isn’t in the add-on store list. I’m really only looking for the Web Terminal capability. Any idea why this add-on wouldn’t be in the list and how to fix the issue?

Both SSH add-ons in the store have a web terminal and you need to have advanced mode enabled for your user to see those add-ons, along with some others.

Thanks. That was it.

Running HA Supervised supported/healthy. I am attempting the following in an automation:

- id: drups beeper off
  alias: "DRUPS beeper off"
    platform: state
    entity_id: input_boolean.drups_beeper
    to: "Off"
    service: hassio.addon_stdin
      addon: a0d7b954_ssh
#      input: "/config/sudo docker exec addon_a0d7b954_nut upscmd -u admin -p xxxx DR_UPS beeper.enable"
      input: "/config/boff.sh"

I have tried both actions, neither works nothing logged in home-assistant.log or in the SSH log with level set to debug. I have logbook entries for the automations triggering (both on and off).

I can run either from the ssh shell and both work well. The script files just contain the sudo line.

What am I not understanding correctly? The beeper test is a basic test that does not change the ups state, not the intended long term target command. I have also tried the full container name of addon_a0d7b954_ssh.