Home Assistant Component Timer error after upgrade to 2022.10.2

I have been watching the threads to see if anyone else has had this issue, but seems im isolated in this. I rely on several timers that work with automations and everything has been running smoothly. Whenever I upgrade to 2022.10.2 the timer component fails.

The logs only show “Error during setup of component timer (error) helpers/collection.py”
When I open helpers , the timer component is greyed out and all my timers in my cards are also greyed out. The helpers has a floating popup showing


When I revert to previous backup version 9.6 everything works perfectly again.

It started with the upgrade to 2022.10.1 - no matter how many times I try the upgrade after reverting, the timer component fails.

For now, Ill stay on 9.6 in hopes someone else experiences this and can advise something to try.

I have tried removing the timer: from my configuration.yaml as a test which removes all my timers, yet the component still fails.

Confirmed fix.

Before upgrading to 2022.10.1 or 2. - First remove all timer: items from configuration.yaml
Delete ‘Timer folder’ from config\custom_components . Then restart system, goto ‘helpers’ and remove cached versions of timers by filtering timers and selecting each timer > settings > delete. Once all removed, perform the upgrade and then add timers again one by one via ‘helpers’ only.