Home Assistant Dahua Integration questions

Regarding this third party integration: GitHub - rroller/dahua: Dahua Camera and Doorbell Home Assistant Integration

Is this integration compatible with the DHI-NVR5208-8P-4KS2 eight channel NVR?

Can I get smart motion events, camera streams and snapshots from it?

The NVR’s 8 port PoE switch uses the same network range as my home network ( So if I use the NVR PoE switch I will have to change that network range potentially making my cameras unreachable directly via HA and only via the NVR.

I have enough PoE ports on my 48 port switch though, so could use these instead. I’d like to use the NVR switch to minimise unneeded traffic in my main 48 port switch but can go with the 48 port switch if I have to connect directly to the cameras using this integration.

The cameras I’m using are DH-IPC-HDW3841EMP-AS-0280B.

If you can access your different cameras from via a URL like this rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1
and changing the channel number gives you the next camera I would say it would work for motion events snapshots etc. the event handler appears to use the standard names and stuff used by the Dahua API (Amcrest also)

It should pass all of that information via the NVRs IP and its own paths for each channel/ and different event listeners

I also for testing purposes of one had connected directly via the cameras own IP and everything worked that way as well.

I haven’t been using the integration long, was initially just messing around as I had other methods of getting the events already in place…(CameraEvents via MQTT) but it works extremely well, and very reliably so I have been slowly switching stuff over to use the binary_sensors created by the integration… it also creates a button for my Amcrest doorbell so it will allow me to eliminate a lot of extra steps involved in some of that stuff.

I’m not sure if I answered what you asked… but overall if you can get to your NVRs IP from HA then all of the rest of the integration should work… I have a mix of direct to NVR and some on my regular network… all added to the NVR and all accessible through the integration and just my NVR IP. But the cams outside of the NVR switch are still accessible with the direct IP and It worked through the integration that way also… sorry if I rambled, its late and been a long day.

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If your camera’s and NVR are all on the same network, then you can just grab all the cameras individually. I used the integration for a bit and yes it will pick up motion events and let you control basic functions and will pickup the NVR separate to the cameras.
I stopped using it when I went to Blue Iris as Blue Iris has more features, but for the basics the Dahua Integration works well.
I can’t remember the URLs I used, but pretty sure what @Bartem said will get you out of trouble
I found there was a small delay with the streams, something around 5 to 10 seconds. Not sure if that was HA or the NVR causing delays though

Yeah I’ve been using the 3rd party integration for the past 4 months. It does what I need, fast notification of vehicle and person intelligent movement events, instant still image grabs, but as you noted it takes a while for the streaming video to come up, even using low bit-rate sub-streams.

I’m very impressed with the intelligent movement accuracy. No missed events and no false triggers. Excellent IR range on the cameras I got.

I found a work-around for disabling the normal movement events too, so now I only record intelligent events on the NVR. Just turn the dumb movement sensitivity down as low as it will go.

Enabling AAC audio streaming works too.

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I am trying to get the smart motion notification events working. But in HA the smart motion (human / car or area) is never triggered. someone now why that is?

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For a different camera I had to enable crossline or something like that when I configured it to get those. I have since moved to a different integration for amcrest though.

Listening for events via dahua_event_received has been rock solid for me and allowed more flexibility in setting up automations and notifications. The binary sensors provided by the integration don’t seem to be reliable.

They are very reliable for me. What camera/ NVR are you using?

So far I have one 5442 fixed and one varifocal running up to date firmware. No NVR.

It’s been a few weeks since I configured, but I believe I was reliably getting binary sensor triggers for motion events, even when not enabled on the camera, but not cross line or cross region events which were the ones I cared about.

On the latter I would always receive dahua_event_received triggers, but binary sensors flipped for those events only about 25% of the time.

What are you using for Amcrest? I just got a doorbell and am having issues with the Dahua integration sensors.

What kind of issues are you having with it?

I can’t get the human sensor to trigger. Only the motion sensor alarm works.

What model camera and have you gotten human notifications with the amcrest app?

I use the built-in amcrest with my own event triggers


Amcrest AD410
Yes, I have human notifications with the amcrest app.

Thank You! Enabling Cross Region Detection made it work.

Today I tried to add the Dahua integration to my HA system. But can not get it to show up in the integrations/ add-ons. I am fairly new with HA so it is still a big puzzle to find out how to get things done.

What did I do, followed the "manual install as in the (github) instructions. And restarted HA. Nothing there.
I run the latest version of HA and have the files in the folder as shown on the screenshot.
Any help how to get this going :slight_smile: thanks.

Versie 	core-2022.7.5
Type installatie 	Home Assistant Supervised
Ontwikkeling 	false
Supervisor 	true
Docker 	true
Gebruiker 	root
Virtuele omgeving 	false
Python-versie 	3.10.5
Besturingssysteem 	Linux
Versie van het besturingssysteem 	5.15.32-v7l+
CPU-architectuur 	armv7l
Tijdzone 	Europe/Amsterdam
Configuration Directory 	/config

Regardless of your installation attempts: The Dahua Add-on does not work with HA 2022.7.x :wink:

For later: # Move the dahua directory into your custom_components directory in your Home Assistant install $ mv dahua-main/custom_components/dahua /config/custom_components/


After executing one of the above installation methods, restart Home Assistant. Also clear your browser cache before proceeding to the next step, as the integration may not be visible otherwise.

After that: Integration → Add integration → Dahua

First of all: There is no update yet. rroller wrote on 07/12/2022: "Sorry guys been very busy. I’ll try to look at this asap."
That can mean a month, or 2, or 3, or 6 … :wink:

Now I did a few short tests with core-2022.7.7. My Dahua cameras can be set up and there are no error messages like " isn’t fully initialized yet error" during the installation. I only tested the streaming and no sensors.

I haven’t set my cameras up again but streaming and sensors continue to work for me.