Home Assistant Dahua Integration questions

So far I have one 5442 fixed and one varifocal running up to date firmware. No NVR.

It’s been a few weeks since I configured, but I believe I was reliably getting binary sensor triggers for motion events, even when not enabled on the camera, but not cross line or cross region events which were the ones I cared about.

On the latter I would always receive dahua_event_received triggers, but binary sensors flipped for those events only about 25% of the time.

What are you using for Amcrest? I just got a doorbell and am having issues with the Dahua integration sensors.

What kind of issues are you having with it?

I can’t get the human sensor to trigger. Only the motion sensor alarm works.

What model camera and have you gotten human notifications with the amcrest app?

I use the built-in amcrest with my own event triggers


Amcrest AD410
Yes, I have human notifications with the amcrest app.

Thank You! Enabling Cross Region Detection made it work.

Today I tried to add the Dahua integration to my HA system. But can not get it to show up in the integrations/ add-ons. I am fairly new with HA so it is still a big puzzle to find out how to get things done.

What did I do, followed the "manual install as in the (github) instructions. And restarted HA. Nothing there.
I run the latest version of HA and have the files in the folder as shown on the screenshot.
Any help how to get this going :slight_smile: thanks.

Versie 	core-2022.7.5
Type installatie 	Home Assistant Supervised
Ontwikkeling 	false
Supervisor 	true
Docker 	true
Gebruiker 	root
Virtuele omgeving 	false
Python-versie 	3.10.5
Besturingssysteem 	Linux
Versie van het besturingssysteem 	5.15.32-v7l+
CPU-architectuur 	armv7l
Tijdzone 	Europe/Amsterdam
Configuration Directory 	/config

Regardless of your installation attempts: The Dahua Add-on does not work with HA 2022.7.x :wink:

For later: # Move the dahua directory into your custom_components directory in your Home Assistant install $ mv dahua-main/custom_components/dahua /config/custom_components/


After executing one of the above installation methods, restart Home Assistant. Also clear your browser cache before proceeding to the next step, as the integration may not be visible otherwise.

After that: Integration → Add integration → Dahua

First of all: There is no update yet. rroller wrote on 07/12/2022: "Sorry guys been very busy. I’ll try to look at this asap."
That can mean a month, or 2, or 3, or 6 … :wink:

Now I did a few short tests with core-2022.7.7. My Dahua cameras can be set up and there are no error messages like " isn’t fully initialized yet error" during the installation. I only tested the streaming and no sensors.

I haven’t set my cameras up again but streaming and sensors continue to work for me.

I actually only need the Dahua integration for my Dahua NVR and the KI-Features (human, vehicle, line detection) :slightly_smiling_face: but then I must switch the mainstream from H.265 to H.264 for live streaming,
which I don’t want. Edit: And I can only use/see one camera (channel 1) from the NVR. At the moment I use generic camera with the substream 2 with H.264 and 720P.

Too bad my Amcrest AD110 camera is not supported by the Dahua integration and it’s too bad rroller doesn’t have time for further development. :frowning_face:

Hi guys, just wondering if any of you got the basic functions like motion detection or cross region or cross line working with the latest update?
i can get the video streams working, but automations based on motion alarm or cross region alerts are not working.
Any ideas what i can do to fix it?
thank you

@jim_os , @Janek - Until the custom Dahua integration issues you are having are resolved, you should try the core Amcrest integration if you want to avoid rolling back your HASS version. It is working just fine for both AD110/AD410 doorbells and numerous different Dahua StarLight cameras I have. That includes not just streaming but full event handling to create automations for doorbell press, human/crossregion detection, or any event.

It does not support NVR’s (other than channel 1) unfortunately and requires YAML configuration to set up. I will continue to follow rroller’s integration for updates.

Why Dahua integration? Ezviz is not Dahua and not a Dahua OEM.

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Hi Folks, I’m trying to integrate a Lorex NVR N882A6 with LNE9252B cameras using this integration as I’ve been unsuccessful with all other approaches. The integration recognizes the NVR unit but I can’t get any video or other information from the entities. Does anyone know if it works with this product, and if so, do they have any tips on troubleshooting this?


Lorex is not Dahua. :slightly_smiling_face: Some have reported success flashing some models of Lorex NVRs which are Dahua OEM to the Dahua OEM firmware, but … Maybe there are differences in the API …?

What you can try is Generic camera and Onvif. Both work also with my Dahua NVR.

PS: I don’t think that much will happen with the Dahua integration in terms of further development. :neutral_face:

Although I have (had) this working going back to core-2022.6.7 it asks for updating the Integration. Am I right that it should work now with the newer versions (updates)? Including the Sensors?
As there is released a patched version? https://github.com/rroller/dahua/issues/203

So I can update to these versions now?:

Basically it should work now. At the moment I have no (new) error messages with:
Dahua Version 0.9.43
Home Assistant 2022.8.7
Supervisor 2022.08.3
Operating System 8.5

But I don’t use all existing sensors/features of my Dahua cameras. However, some older problems still exist.