Home Assistant desktop companion app multiplatform

It will be nice to have all features of Home Assistant companion app on Windows, Macos and Linux. It is very important that changes appear on all platforms at the same time. This can be achieved using this technology. https://www.jetbrains.com/lp/compose-multiplatform/ In any case, you are writing a companion app for Android, but now even Google recommends using cross-platform code. And it’s easier to rewrite a companion app in Kotlin Multiplatform once, and you can always release it on all platforms at the same time Android Developers Blog: Android Support for Kotlin Multiplatform to Share Business Logic Across Mobile, Web, Server, and Desktop Platforms

And what specifically do you mean by this? For a feature request you should at least list the points you think are important.

To your other point, the in your eyes unnecessary separated development:
I’m quite sure, if that would be useful, at least one of the developers had thought about that. So one can safely assume, that the way choosen fits the development process right now.

And I personally see absolutly no need to publish apps for different OS at the same time. Why? That would mean the development process would be hold up for no reason in at least one app…

I can only see a reason, if you change the development process to your liking in the first place…

In general, all the user wants is to get the same experience on different operating systems. Me too. It’s just important that the HA audience is very diverse, and it’s generally sad when the application is only available for MacOS and phones. In any case, I also want Linux and Windows. It will be nice to have companion app on such OS

Everything available in the app is available via the web interface.

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You still haven’t answered what you mean specifically. You want the same user experience on all devices? Use a browser! :slight_smile:

Sorry, with your answer I see even less advantage in this FR.

If you want a multiplatform app, you can always rely on a community effort:

Your similar request was already closed

Please stop.

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