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Hi Brent @bjm I just noticed a number of the Shelly Mini devices are available from OZ Smart Things so I think they are certified for Aus and so NZ??. Shelly 1 Mini Gen3, Smart Home Automation Australia. Have you had a reply from Shelly yet?
Checking with my Sparky (who I also see at golf most Saturdays). He’s a young guy (30ish ?) and a good bugger and quite keen to learn more, and of course get more money off me for installing !

A suspect this is a stupid question but I just can’t seem to find the answer on-line. I want to dim lights so need a Dimmer2, but do they need a Shelly 1 relay as well or does the dimmer do the on/off? And then I think maybe one needs the Shelly 1 to override the wall switch in case its turned off manually, but maybe the Dimmer handles that?

Similar question regards the RBGW modules. If they dim as well as changing colours I guess they don’t need a dimmer but do they need a Shelly 1?

Thinking of trying to future proof. At the moment we just have white downlights but if I want to replace them with RGB in the future should I just go with the the Shelly RGBW controllers rather than Dimmers. I’m thinking they would allow me to control the white temperature which would be nice, (assuming the downlights LEDs are compatible). Now I see the RGBW modules are capable of controlling 12/24 v LEDs. I have no idea what voltage the downlights are. Can they be 250v or do they all have a wee transformer? More research required!

Hey, yeah, I saw a cert for those devices so they will be covered for NZ and if a company is selling them then I hate to assume but I will, we should be covered :slight_smile:
The dimmer2 does everything, on/off and dimming and just like the other SDhellys you can set Button Type to an Edge Switch will sort you out, it can depend on how many watts is being pulled, I found that with my 4 downlights in the lounge it kicks in at 8% and is 100% at 50% LOL, I had to use a HACS Integration “Lightener”.
RGBW - I use i for on/off dimming a white COB 12v so it can use 4 channels for Dimming white or use RGBW not addressable LEDs, you can also add a manual switch to it as well which I haven’t done as using the COB lights in the kitchen under cabinets and the pantry using PIR and mmWave devices so no need for a switch as such, may add one of the Zigbee buttons…maybe.
FYI, You will not be able to use the RGBW for the ceiling coloured downlights, they will use a seperate controller… usually… and will use BT, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, etc to connect to plus the switch, you can use a Shelly1/PM,etc at the switch for on/off and control the colour seperately or there are other wall controllers you can get, look on Aliexpress but I don’t trust a lot of their certifications TBH.

I have also purchased one of these

from Aliexpress, basically a rotary Zigbee Dimmer switch to be the manual button for the Lounge lights, my wife wanted something physical to press :slight_smile:


@bjm has answered most of your questions. Just wanted to add about the wall switches with the Shelly Dimmer. We installed/changed to momentary switches (i.e. buttons not on/off switches).
So the Shelly reacts like this. When you press and hold the switch, it will increase/decrease brightness gradually. If you press it once it will turn off/on back to the last brightness. Double press goes full brightness.

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@bjm Thank you Brett. a little bit more knowledge for me. Extra bonus I had to google COB and learnt a new thing.

FYI I just finished installing one of these

SMLIGHT SLZB-06(M) that arrived just after I asked you the questions. About 10 mins, would have been faster but I mispelled a word in the config.

From AliExpress (https://www.aliexpress.com/store/910640033?spm=a2g0o.detail.0.0.75bb6zLF6zLFCH) total cost delivered $68.61. I wanted an ethernet Zigbee controller so I wasn’t constrained by location of USB Dongle. Official site here SLZB-06M Zigbee Ethernet PoE LAN USB WiFi Adapter EFR32 | Zigbee2MQTT | Home Assistant | SMLIGHT | SMLIGHT Official Homepage … And it’s PoE,. wireless and it’s Matter capable as well. Cool bit of kit. A few YouTube videos on it. I only have one Zigbee device, a Xiaomi presence sensor, it just worked. Couldn’t get the Xiaomi stuff to work reliably. Anxiously awaiting a few Sonoff Zigbee sensors from AliExpess to see what I can achieve.

At the moment all I do is open the blinds at Sunrise and close them again at Sunset! Turn TVs on and off and send messages to Google speakers. Wife and daughter like the blinds thing, not so keen on me turning their TV off lol.

I saw that somewhere actually, I am changing my cream light switches to the new clean PDL ones, they should have a momentary switch or 2.

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I was reading about these over the weekend! I use SkyConnect as my Coordinator, and my routers apart form one (Tuya ZigBee Signal Repeater USB Extender) of them are Sonoff SNZB-06P Zigbee Human Presence Sensor
The Xiaomi stuff can be a pain in the arse to get going but once added, are great.

Thanks @DataBitz I will keep that in mind

FYI, similar to me, changed from SkyConnect to this - so far has been really good and HA/ZHA restarts are much quicker.


Looks really nice Simon @Greminn. Quite a bit more expensive than SMLight. Functionality looks very similar. I can’t see anywhere if it does Matter? (But Matter is still a “work in progress”), also can’t see where the Company is based, are they Chinese?

I like the skinny form factor of SMLight as its easy to hide away, cable ties are my solution. It’s so light that if connected to ethernet and not tied down the cable controls where it sits! I have to admit I also like that the company is Ukrainian. When I first looked the website SMLight they had “F**ck Russian Military” in the header.

most of these devices can be firmware upgraded to handle Matter, but they usually say it in the sales blurbs

Repeat after me. Do not buy hardware on the basis of promises of a software upgrade.

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hahah soo true

Yea - has been really good, they offer good support via discord… looks like hes from Germany. I did also find this link for interesting info:

Cool @Greminn , pleased its working for you.

Hi Greminn, will that work with any ZigBee brand? I have a few Tuya ZigBee devices that currently is connected through Tuya ZigBee Hub and possibly would like to not use it anymore since need the Tuya integration to work

Most of my Zigbee devices are Hue lights and motion detectors, however i have a few TS011F power plug’s and they seem to work with no issue. I also have a Yale zigbee door lock, some Aqara temp sensors and some PDL Iconic wall switches. Everything seems to work nice.

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