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Using it in NZ is no different to using it anywhere else.

My first post here, I only just recently jumped in to the smart home world and it’s been quite a journey!

Anyone in NZ successfully integrated a fronius solar inverter and BYD battery install into HA and also anyone using eufy cameras and have any tips for noobs on how to install and integrate those two items?


I know @robfish has a fronius. No clue about the battery. Welcome by the way.

Yes I use the Fronius integration on HA to maximise my solar power usage.
We have no petrol in our house but lots of “storage” (2 x EVs, 4 E-bikes, electric lawnmower, electric tools and a large water heater).
None of these are charged at full rate. They are charged with “excess” solar power or on night rate and all automated.
I also manually operate other appliances at best times by monitoring the Fronious system.
Our biggest power bill this year was $152. Not bad considering that is for all of the above plus a spa pool.
Let me know if you want more detail.

Wow! I would love more detail. We only just got solar installed and it was an absolute and ongoing nightmare. Thought I’d go local to support a local company, turns out that wasn’t such a great idea!
Currently I have a Gen 24 inverter but I can’t seem to get any useful info out of it, I believe I need an API key etc. but the inverter won’t let me get that info. Another sparky (who has been awesome) suggested I use the solar start app and that this “should” allow me to gain access to the BYD batteries and do essentially what you’re saying, but when I try to log in to that it baulks at the authentication even though I’m happily logged into the solar web app! I’ve contacted Fronius about this as in keeping with the whole episode so far the installer is being less that helpful. :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyway, yes please any info you might be able to offer up would be greatly appreciated, right now despite having solar installed (or partially installed) I’m still looking at a bill for over $400, although in fairness we do have a 3 phase bore on the property that’s not connected to the solar right now, so that probably isn’t helping.

Hey Rob, did you see my response? Would very much like to get a bit more info, especially surrounding the Fronius side of things, such as if you had to sign up to premium in order to get the info you needed in order to access the API etc. and all that jazz

No I didn’t see the earlier response but I did get an email about your last post.
No I do not have a premium subscription.
Setting up the Fronius integration is quite easy. Just follow the instructions here:-

I haven’t created “blueprints” before but I think there is a way I can send you my blueprints for you to edit to suit your system.
I don’t know how far up the learning curve you are but you will need to have a basic understanding of setting up automations (it is relatively easy now compared to my early experiences)
Unfortunately I will not be able to help you until next week but I would suggest that you ask questions in the main Forum, not the NZ one. Why limit helpers to Kiwis only? HA is the same worldwide (except languages).

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Thanks mate, yep i guess I just wanted to get kiwi answers regarding this because it’s seems different countries have different rules around what you can and cannot do with the inverters.

I wrote to fronius asking how i can get API information and got a response from AUS saying it’s not possible for the customers… so im gonna have to do some digging i guess.

I’ll check out the link you sent. And yeah I’m up to speec with automations etc.

Just follow the instructions at that link.

Also, FYI
I use quite a few Shelly switches for controlling lights and chargers.
Some are in flush boxes behind the “manual” switches and some are inside mount blocks behind power points with a flexible lead feeding them.
For my 16A EV charger the Shelly switch controls a 25A relay inside a flush box.
(The Shelly switches are rated at 16A but my first one failed, maybe burnt out, after 3 years so I recently fitted the relay.)
I also have a couple of Tuya switches which also measure the power throughput. (I ended up getting a refund from AliExpress for them as they were not Zigbee as it stated on the website)

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The Shelly switches also have the advantage of being “approved” for NZ so you won’t have any insurance problems.
(I am an electrician by trade so I know this)

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I don’t recall needing an API key to access the inverter data. You do have to enable access to the Solar API though.

Use a browser to log in to the inverter as Customer or Technician. Then go to Communication / Solar API and enable it. Job done.

I’m using the following very successfully for a couple of years :
HA Fronius integration for Fronius smart meter, Gen24+ inverter & BYD HVS battery
Wattpilot-HA custom component integration for Fronius Wattpilot EV charger.

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Thanks, yes I’ve got the installer coming back tomorrow to bring our batteries back after they somehow drained beyond their normal nominal capacity (apparently someone forgot to toggle a switch on or something! It’s been a catalogue of errors!!) so when he’s here I’ll ask for the Customer password as the one I’ve been given won’t let me in. Wish me luck, and yes I have a shelly switch as well and they seem to work well. I’m hoping to get a clamp at the main I/O meter so I can better monitor what’s going to the grid alongside my Solar.
Anyway, thanks for all the info and help

My installer gave me the Technician password as well :wink:

So you don’t have a Fronius smart meter (eg 63A 1- or 3-phase)? Worth it for the data & control, imo, and no CT clamps needed.

We have a fronius smart meter although I’m unsure of the type, but that only measures our solar at the house, we have a separate abode, 3 phase bore and a Worksop all of which are still on the grid due to locations, so I wanted clamps at the i/o meters so have a full overview.

Deep Joy!! Got the login details today and now it’s happy days in HA I can see everything! So cool, and thanks to everyone who offered advice

what a blanket comment and total rubbish. zwave is absolutely recommended (of course you would want to buy nz compatible devices). i run fibaro zwave throughout my house for past 13 years its rock solid, significantly more reliable than zigbee.

I couldn’t even understand the post, but it does appear to be BS.

Did you manage to get something working for Frank Energy?

TBH, ive been too busy with work and kids to even think about it and now my project list is stacking up lol