Home Assistant without common WiFi or Ethernet: Offline Android Hotspot only


I have tried to find a solution in the forums and online for quite some time now, but I don’t seem to be looking in the right places. I hope that someone on here will be able to help me.

I am running a RPi3 with haos_rpi3-6.1.img.xz (I know this version is old). I have a Zigbee stick that controls all my devices, mostly lights and sensors. I don’t have a router or internet, so the setup is completely offline.

I want to be able to show some of the Zigbee-Data (temperature sensors, …) on a display. For that I am using an old Pixel 3 Phone (no SIM-Card) and it’s hotspot. The credentials of said hotspot are known to the RPi.

The problem is, that in Android no browser nor the native app can connect to http://homeassistant.local:8123, http://homeassistant:8123, https://homeassistant.local:8123 or https://homeassistant:8123. So in order to point the Android-Phone to Home Assistant’s website, what I have to do is: Connect a computer to the Android-hotspot and then run an IP network scan on the computer. Then I can use the IP (192.168.x.x:8123) of the RPi in any Android browser or the app.

The Problem is that the Pixel 3 only has power when I’m home. So after I leave, it drains the battery, and then shuts down. When it’s restarted and the hotspot is reopened, Android uses a completely different IP. So I have to start from scratch again. This behaviour can’t be changed (I looked everywhere).

The only 2 posts that came close, were Local access Home Assistant on mobile hotspot and Installing homeassistant over Wifi / with a Android phone as router - #7 by 0815User . Unfortunately both without a solution.

I don’t want to get a dedicated router just for that task, so I am hoping that anyone here has an other idea on how to deal with that problem.

Holding my fingers crossed, thanks in advance : )


You can configure HAOS to use a fixed IP address, that’s done in the Network settings.

Hello @Tinkerer,

thank you for your help. This is what you mean?

Unfortunately, after the restart of the phone not only “green” is changed, “yellow” changes as well. So this solution won’t work, right?

Kind regards

What are the parameters of your Pixel3 hotspot?

Hello @koying ,

there is not much to set up in Android unfortunately:

Do you have an idea?


Then you may need to invest in a travel router that you can configure a fixed IP range on.

Hello @Tinkerer ,

thanks, I already considered this, but was hoping there was another way… :slightly_frowning_face:

Your solution would only have worked for the green part of the IP, right?



USB, maybe?

Hello @koying ,

unfortunately no: The phone is moved around constantly, and not near the RPi…

This or similar, then.
Cheap enough to not bother fighting your old phone, this is a 1st world issue, after all :wink:



I just wanted to give an update, in case anyone else has that issue.

I managed to solve the problem by using the Raspberry to be the hotspot. I used the plugin GitHub - mattlongman/Hassio-Access-Point: Hass.io addon to let you create a WiFi access point, perfect for using WiFi devices on off-grid installations. .

Thank you all for your help!

Ps: I found the plugin here: Add-on: Create a Wi-Fi access point with Hass.io Access Point

I also found

but didn’t use or try them.