Home Assistant Yellow

Was same for me. Frist time he told me I was in the 2nd badge because the PEO version. I told him I ordered the Kit. :crazy_face:
He looked again in the system and my Yellow was ready to go. :sweat_smile:

I think for you the same. The CM4 has nothing to do with the kit.

I have ordered my Yellow at the end of May.

Okay, mine in july.
Then i’m not in the first batch i think

I ordered mine in March? Yet I’m still stuck

In March? :flushed: In that case you should already have the Yellow Kit up and running. :sweat_smile:
Mail them back and ask to check the order and why you did not receive the kit yet.

me too :frowning:
back when I ordered the shipment date was less then a month. Usually i don’t do pre-order or order something which is not in stock, just to avoid disappointments. But now I decided to make an exception as I really wanted this device.

Got this disappointing letter this AM. So begins the mass exodus from a company who can’t deliver on it’s promises:

Thank you for your Home Assistant Yellow order. Unfortunately, we need
to cancel and refund the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) you
ordered because there is simply no reliable way to stock these at the
moment and we don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. We apologize
for the inconvenience.

Please reply to this email if you’d like to instead cancel your entire
order, or if the bank account attached to the credit card you
originally used to place the order is no longer active. (It’s fine if
the card is expired as long as the account it was attached to is still
active.) If we don’t hear from you by Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 5
PM Pacific time, we will cancel only the CM4 line item(s) on your
order and refund the difference to the credit card we have on file for
the order.

As for when the remainder of your will ship, we are currently working
on updating all Home Assistant Yellow delivery dates. Generally
speaking, if you ordered a Yellow Kit with a US power supply, your
order should ship this year, probably shortly after the CM4 is
canceled from your order. If you ordered any other variant, your order
is expected to ship in January 2023. Thank you for your patience!

Crowd Supply Support


Have you looked here: https://rpilocator.com
I order just the Yellow kit and ordered the CM4 separately. Got the CM4 in 2 days.

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which github do i need to make a support issue for the yellow? im having significant performace issues

Depends what is causing the issue (chicken meet egg).

What are you seeing?

extreme lag on automations, up to 10 seconds. ui lags as well. most cpu usage i seed is 26 %

I think just the regular core github. Although there is a yellow build of the OS Release Home Assistant OS 9.3 · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub so hard to say.

thanks ill try os and see what they say.

I ordered my yellow kit on 5/17/22 when it was supposed to ship in June. Finally shipped last monday and I got it 10/21. So far so good

Please post a link here so others can follow :slight_smile:

Just got the same message.
Ordered my in March with an original ship estimate of May.
Payed extra to ship it separately than the yellow.
Wondering how many people ordered after me and got their CM4.

Wondering if the project find an honest supplier to switch to?
This is reflecting poorly on all of home assistant, not just the yellow project.

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Does anyone know how to disable the automatic discovery of ZHa? I use the built-in module for Z2M, but I am always offered a ZHA installation. This is also not easy to disable as with the usual integrations :confused:

I went with the PoE just for the flexibility in both location and HA hardware. Who knows what hardware I’ll end up with (CrowdSupply recently told me that I can still expect my Yellow to be in the first batch). If for some reason I end up running HA inside of a VM the PoE version makes it easy to access the zigbee radio without having to mess with hardware passthrough.

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It was to be expected but still a little bit disappointing
at some point, somewhere at Crowd Supply they miscounted the inventory or the orders.
Else they would have been able to adjust this correctly weeks ago and not just this afternoon.

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