Home Assistant Yellow

So now my estimated to ship date is Jan 27, 2023. Original was Aug 12, 2022. I’m just wondering how incompetent some people can be and how they manage keep their job or business running.


Anyone need a raspberry compute module 4?

I have one. I cancelled my home asssistant yellow.

I have a compute module 4
With wifi bleutooth 8gb ram and 32gb flashdrive

~Price? Location?

Loaction: netherlands price 120,-

That’s not a bad price but not great. If you’re in NL you can buy one from BerryBase for 120.

Is anyone using a CM4 with WiFi/BT? I would like to know how reliable the BT connection is and the range, with and without the official external antenna kit. Or should I stick to a normal BT usb-dongle?

I use it that way, but I don’t hope for too much range. (The same problem also applies to the integrated ZigBee module).
I have now extended the whole thing with an external antenna.

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I assume you are using the external U.FL connector on the CM4. What’s roughly the maximum range you achieved in your home?

BTW, was it easy to drill a hole in the acrylic case?

@clipse - Does the HAOS Yellow operating system include an option to enable the CM4 External Antenna? Using the Raspberry Pi OS, one has to add an entry to /boot/config.txt in order to disable the CM4 onboard antenna, and to enable the CM4 external antenna.

Surely changing the config.txt is possible on HAOS?

That’s the question. I am not sure who from the Nabu Casa HA team would know the answer about how to enable the CM4’s External Antenna feature. @agners possibly?

If you enable SSH access to the host OS, it is possible.

Not sure why it would be any different.

Well the external antenna is first and foremost out of the case, which is generally an improvement. Secondly, on paper at least, it should have longer range compared to the one on the board.

The Raspberry Pi Operating System is a customized, purpose-built OS for the Raspberry Pi hardware. Thus, it contains features and options that not all Linux distributions have built into them. I am not an expert on HAOS for Raspberry Pi, and thus the question regarding whether or not it has built-in support for enabling the CM4’s External Antenna feature. I am hoping one of the HAOS devs, like @agners, can comment on this particular feature for the Yellow edition of HAOS.

Yes I’ve had to edit config.txt to enable USB 2.0 on the CM4. For some reason it’s disabled by default. I use this addon to configure root access via SSH on port 2222.

If anyone needs it. To enable USB 2.0 Host Mode I added the following to /boot/config.txt. Without this my zigbee stick was not recognised.

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You are using the generic RPi image then (I did too initially - USB being disabled by default is a CM4 thing). The custom Yellow image has USB enabled out of the box.

I make an add-on specifically to enable USB-Host-mode Serial as well. 🆕[add-on] HassOS Serial Configurator


Yes I know that, but I was asking why the it would be any different modifying config.txt. I know an external antenna should act differently to a PCB one.

Any raspberry pi OS has config.txt.