Home Assistant Yellow

@nickrout if you mean CM4 external antenna, I don’t think you can use it for zigbee

Y’know I think I was confused over the antenna.

The pics on crowd supply some some headers near the zigbee chip, maybe worth investigating.


See Home Assistant Yellow - builtin ZigBee - #7 by FloatingBoater

Has anyone designed a wall mount option yet?

When will this thing be available? 2055?

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@sygys I believe that is the best estimate so far

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I see that there is an antenna plug next to the zigbee radio, I will try connecting an external one to this

No, I was looking at the picture of the board, when I checked my board it has no plug :frowning:

But perhaps a place to solder one?

Yes could be an option, however I just fried my Sonoff panel when soldering on leads

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Hi. I bought a 1 TB Samsung 980, I plugged in but now my Home Assistant Yellow wont boot it seems, I never see it on the network, so I took out the SSD expecting it to boot as normal, but no, still not appearing. So now I don’t know if I have a Yellow issue or not.

Now trying to work out how I can troubleshoot this, if anyone has any pointers?

ah, I have just had a look, and gave the heatsink a push and I suspect the CM might have come loose, really hoping, if it comes back I’ll try the SSD again!

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and SSD now working as my data drive, so that was painless in the end once I sussed I hadn’t actually killed my Yellow!

To confirm, this is the drive I installed: Amazon.co.uk

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do you know if this is working now?

I have never bought the Homatic module so no idea

https://wiki.fhem.de/wiki/Datei:Hm-uart_trx1.png; should fit ;).

I just tried : Identifying Homematic RF-Hardware: …HmRF: HM-MOD-RPI-PCB/[email protected], HmIP: n/a, OK
Updating Homematic RF-Hardware: HM-MOD-RPI-PCB: 1.2.1=>2.8.6, OK.


Has anyone got Yellow from this new batch?

Nope. 6 month late here

Nothing either but it seems that the order is being processed. Under my address there’s now a This order is being processed. To change the shipping address, please contact support as soon as possible. which I don’t remember seeing before.

I have zero experience with the following Z-Wave solution for the Home Assistant Yellow (or Raspberry Pi). But, it does seem like a pretty inexpensive way to add Z-Wave, and it is using the latest 800 series Z-Wave controller chip. Nice that it should fit inside the Yellow’s case.

Still waiting for my PoE Yellow to hopefully ship soon… :sunglasses: