Homekit Camera Aqara G2H with secure video

Hi i’ve just setup the new homekit Aqara G2H directly to my homekit hub (homepod), and it works well, with motion detection and secure video.

Can i pair the G2H to my home assistant, homekit controller, so it’s both available in home assistant and homekit home app ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Same here - yesterday I finally received package with Aqara G2H inside ;-D

Setup went very well, it’s visible in HomeKit - everything great.

I would be able to add it to my Home Assistant - any clues?

it would be great if G2H can be integrated into HA. Plan to get 1 of this.

To my knowledge a device can only be paired once to a homekit controller. I had my G2H paired to my iPhone as that was almost instantly as soon as you initiate the camera for the first time in the Aqare app. As soon as you unpair the camera in Apple Home, you can search for HomeKit enabled devices in Home Assistant using the HomeKit Controller integration. It will find the G2H after entering the HomeKit code manually.

Only issue I am now facing is that it only adds the motion sensor entity as part of the HomeKit Controller, not the camera itself as an entity.

It seems they are working on the HomeKit camera support currently:

The PR you posted was to add camera support to homekit, not homekit_controller. I’m very interested in adding support for it, but I don’t have the time to work on it right now.