Homekit Camera Aqara G2H with secure video

Hi i’ve just setup the new homekit Aqara G2H directly to my homekit hub (homepod), and it works well, with motion detection and secure video.

Can i pair the G2H to my home assistant, homekit controller, so it’s both available in home assistant and homekit home app ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Same here - yesterday I finally received package with Aqara G2H inside ;-D

Setup went very well, it’s visible in HomeKit - everything great.

I would be able to add it to my Home Assistant - any clues?

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it would be great if G2H can be integrated into HA. Plan to get 1 of this.

To my knowledge a device can only be paired once to a homekit controller. I had my G2H paired to my iPhone as that was almost instantly as soon as you initiate the camera for the first time in the Aqare app. As soon as you unpair the camera in Apple Home, you can search for HomeKit enabled devices in Home Assistant using the HomeKit Controller integration. It will find the G2H after entering the HomeKit code manually.

Only issue I am now facing is that it only adds the motion sensor entity as part of the HomeKit Controller, not the camera itself as an entity.

It seems they are working on the HomeKit camera support currently:

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The PR you posted was to add camera support to homekit, not homekit_controller. I’m very interested in adding support for it, but I don’t have the time to work on it right now.


Any update on this?

I do have it ‘work’ this camera in HomeAssistant. Just by coincidence.
How i did get it work was by trying to get my camera into the Xiaomi app.
This allready didn’t work well because of the region or something
beside of this i had allreay the HomeKit add-on in homeassistant intergrations. this is important.
During the wizzard(to add the camera) in the Xiaomi app i saw that mine homewizzard discoverd a new device and this is the camera. on this moment directly try yo add the camera with the code/numer on your cam in HomeAssistant. You have to use the - to get something like xx-xxx-xx i thought. I heard that it is not possible to have it in the apple homekit and the homeassistant it self just one at the time.

Only the problem i have is that the video stops many times after a few second when i do take a look in my dashboard.


With this pairing we can use all camera features in Home app?
Is it possible to use Apple Secure Video?

Hi Dirk.

I have really tried everything here, but can’t seem to get it to work.
What device do you have? Is it the G2 or G2H?`
Also, what device do you select in the Xiaimo app - I can only select the G2, which gives fails to connect to my network.
Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Hi Mikkel,

Did you try the Aqara Home app? The Xaomi app doesn’t have this camera in the lib.
I have the G2H bought from Ali :wink: i had to set my country in this app to China Mainland :frowning:
Because i bought from Ali

Hi Dirk!

Thank you for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

Yes - I have tried that as well, unfortunately when I use that - it triggers an opens the home app on my iOS device, forcing me to configure it there (I think this is due to iOS 14 updates). I can get it to work in the Home app, unfortunately that does not help me with my Hassiosetup.
It never triggers the wizard in my Hassio.

This is my setup - here you can see that it works with normal Aqaura hubs.


in the Aqara app you should press the + symbol in the right upper corner and there you will find the G2H camera under gateway. there is a wizzard to reset first the camera and than its possible to add. what i didn’t know just after fustrating days that you have to scan the QR code with the camera itself :wink: on your mobile. after this step it should try to get reach your local network. i think during this moment i saw in Homeassistant that he discovered the device aswel. i am not sure if there an option in HA for auto discover to set to true. i think i did put this option allready long time ago. i can not use the Home app from Apple and the HomeKit in HA at the same time

I follow the exact same steps, and it adds the Camera to my iOS homekit setup, but it never shows in HA. Wierd. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply though!

You are doing it wrong. You cant add the camera to the Home app on ios, and then add it to home assistant. You need to add the camera trough aqara, then use homekit controller integration on home assistant and add the g2h camera. I just tested this, it works fine.

However the camera is really choppy and bad, so its not really any good to use.

Alright guys - Got it to work!
Turns out, it was because my Aqara app was in homekit mode. After login in, it worked right away.
I finds this a bit weird, as this is not required when doing this with the normal hub.

But thanks! :slight_smile:

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But how did you intergrate the camera on your dashboard? mine stops playing after few seconds. this really sucks. This is all what is in mine card on my dashboard:

type: picture-entity
entity: camera.camera_hub_g2h_be8d
theme: transparentblue
show_state: true
show_name: true
camera_view: live

Second that. I have the exact same issue on my setup. :slight_smile:

Hi All

Has anyone tried getting it to work with MotionEye?
I’m not sure how to configure it.

Did you solve slow response of camera or gave up?