Hörmann garage door via MQTT

I guess you already figured it out, but no you don’t need any additional power outlet, the board is powered via the door motor.

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Yes thank you! Was to stupid to read the thread properly and also directly ordered :slight_smile: looking forward!

One question though: I understand your implementation uses MQTT while some flash ESPHome over it. Is there a recommendation what’s the best approach? @Tysonpower

i would just use the preinstalled firmware, but if you like you can play around with different firmwares. Up to you, you can flash the device as often as you like over USB-C (don’t connect Door and USB at the same time of course)

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Hi you are on my liste with @teran & @KrisHoobie. I got the dispatch advice that my Supramatic E3 motor is on the way. Please note that it looks like the board is only compatible with the Supramatic Range as the promatic motor have no bus connector. Check here if you motor is compatible. The E3 board emulate the UAP 1 while the other board from @Tysonpower emulate the UAP 1 HCP. Contact me by DM which motor you have an we will find the right board for you.

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Hello 14yannick, this is my motor. I think it’s a SupraMatic 3

@Tysonpower can you tell me of it’s possible to use your device as a ble proxy ?
It’s will be usefull :wink:

I can’t use DM yet, @14yannick but I’ve also got a Supramatic E3 that I would be interested in getting a board for.

I m a newbie on HA, could you tell me how to redo that :slight_smile:
It look awesome

I successfully logged the esp32 and I can open/ close the garage but I got some issue

Blue secure not usable anymore, not that I care but I would like to know if it’s normal