Hörmann garage door via MQTT

Hi @all!
I want to introduce and sell my new HCPBridge board for Supramatic E/P and Promatic Series 4. It’s designed for outer compartment installation, so it’s also aware of several sensor data, f.e. DHT22, DS18X20, BME280, MQ4 Gas Sensor (software support coming soon!), ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 (parking spot detection) and motion sensor HC-SR501.
It’s in use now for over two weeks without problems. The appropriate software is in my git Repo. It worked out of the box. I can also preflash the ESP model (optional).

What feature it provides?

  • support of Supramatic E/P Series 4
  • support of Promatic Series 4
  • ESP32 S2 (SMD) included
  • 1x RS485 cable included
  • 1x TTL- RS485 converter
  • ESP S2 and S3 support
  • Preflashed ESP (optional, please contact me)
  • optional external Antenna support (optional, depends on ESP Model)
  • outer compartment installation
  • following sensor support:
    – DHT22
    – DS18X20
    – BME280
    – MQ4 Gas Sensor (software support coming soon!)
    – ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 (parking spot detection)
    – motion sensor HC-SR501
    – 2 x Input signals with 5V-3V voltage divider
    – 2x opto-isolated outputs with selectable voltage output (5V or 3V)

What’s missing before usage?

  • optional pin headers
  • all optional sensors

What’s coming next?
A suitable enclosure :slight_smile:

Where can i get it?
Please send me a PN or an email to [email protected]

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Someone thinks that it’s possible to “understand” when the door is closing automatically?

I explain: Hormann motor have a switch (or menù) for enable “auto close” of door after X seconds (30,60,90,180s).
So after the door opening red led flash slowly (this means that “countdown” is in progress).
I want to “intercept” the “auto close action” from esp32 in order to perform an action.

Ordered, received and installed.
Works as described, thanks!

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glad to hear that!

I did some tests, apparently the motor does not “communicate” any “specific” status, when the door is open and the automatic closing “counter” is in progress. (There is always 0x20).
Also during “auto closing” after countdown I saw (0x2 and 0x40).
Anyone have any ideas?