How can the alarm system be supported by Home Assistant?

I found some alarm components are supported by Home Assistant. There are alarm control panel, Honeywell alarm control panel, SimpliSafe alarm control panel etc.
My question is how can the third party alarm control panel can be supported? Is there any source for guide to doing it? Is there limited protocol for it? Thanks for asking!

You are asking how to develop support for a new alarm platform that is not currently supported?

You can try this. I have third parties of S1C Alarm kit and multi sensor from Bruh multisensor. I use this alarm control panel

I know this is an old thread, but here’s a new solution:

could someone please help me? I have Home Assistant running and pyalarmdotcom installed via ssh. I have the added to the yaml file. The alarm status changes within HA if i change it from the physical keypad of app. However, arming and disarming within HA does nothing. I see a pop up saying the service is being called but nothing ever happens. Please help