How to find Config entry id to reload via service call

How do I find a config entry id and use that id to reload an integration via a service call? It seems simple enough to just use “Home Assistant Core Integration: Reload config entry” and add a config entry id but I’m not sure where to look for that. There was a post on here about using a rest API command to do it but Iost the thread and can’t find it again.

Did you find a solution?
In case you haven’t found it yet, /config/.storage/core.config_entries


Just found it. Another great solution is installing the file editor add on and then removing .storage from the hidden items list in the configuration options as described here:


Is there a way to programmatically retrieve this?

I’m having issues w/ iCloud integration specifically - and it needed to re-authenticate every few weeks - which is apparently changing the entry_id in core.config_entries and therefore bricking my reload integration.

I notice that iCloud need to be reloaded occasionally, so I have this automation do it for me when a problem / lack of updates is triggered. I’ll post in iCloud integration as well, but figured worth asking here if there was a way an automation could dynamically retrieve the current entry_id.

thanks for this, really complicated to do and impossible without this help

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