How to get my Zigbee2MQTT device working (TS004F)

I’m pretty new the adepts of HA, till now I mostly got away with the UI.
It all began with this smart knob:

Zigbee Model
Zigbee Manufacturer
Support status
Not supported

The manual says: I should create an external converter file.

Searching around I found a pretty complex converter file for my device:

Following the instructions and adding the tuya.js to external_converters directly in the configuration.yaml file, gets me nowere, since configuration file gets overwritten every start. So I figured out how to edit the yamel in the plugin settings, but saving it there prints an error.

data_path: /config/zigbee2mqtt
external_converters: TS004F.js
devices: devices.yaml


Failed to save add-on configuration, Invalid list for option 'external_converters' in Zigbee2mqtt (45df7312_zigbee2mqtt). Got {'data_path': '/config/zigbee2mqtt', 'external_converters': 'tuya.js', 'devices': 'devices.yaml', 'groups': 'groups.yaml', 'homeassistant': True, 'permit_join': False, 'mqtt': {'base_topic': 'zigbee2mqtt', 'server': 'mqtt://', 'user': 'mqtt-user', 'password': 'Aw2xe9jpCqzw7qxp9yIs'}, 'serial': {'port': '/dev/serial/by-id/usb-Silicon_Labs_slae.sh_cc2652rb_stick_-_slaesh_s_iot_stuff_00_12_4B_00_23_93_23_D4-if00-port0'}, 'advanced': {'log_level': 'warn', 'pan_id': 6754, 'chann...

Does anybody has an idea how I get this smart knob the status supported, so that it will be listed in my devices section?

how do you get this work?

use the Zigbee2MQTT frontend