How to set this SLZB-06 up as a repeater?

i got this SLZB-06 adapter. how do i set it up as a repeater on my existing Z2M network? i see the instruction is here but it seems that is more for setting up as a Coordinator, not as a repeater/router to boost my zigbee coverage. please help.

connect via the UI interface using your browser http://slzb-06.local/

Go to

select Zigbee OTA update and choose

If you are running multiple SLZBs connected via ethernet, I’d suggest renaming one here so both are accessible via the UI

i flashed with router mode fw as u suggested. now what?

i see Z2M instructions but it is not clear where i can insert this code

You don’t need to insert that code. Are you on ZHA or Z2M?

When you go back to firmware update and check for Zigbee updates, do you see…

im using z2m

yes, i flashed it

confirmed to be running that fw too

perfect, it should show up in your map and your device list on the Z2M interface

ok. i see now.
i had to go into z2m and Permit Join

i unplugged the SLZB and plug back in and then z2m auto add into my existing zigbee network.

your process is soooo much better than this outdated video. thanks!

Happy to assist! Please mark this post as a solution if you feel it will benefit others in the future.

upon doing more googling, if i follow your method, looks like the ethernet is just for powering up the device, correct? if i want to get devices in the garage (terrible coverage here because it is far away), i would need to set the stick as a coordinator as seen in that video after all…
lastly, if i set up as a 2nd coordinator in the garage, i would have to remove the devices already there from the 1st coordinator and re-add into this 2nd coordinator?

→ Correct.