How to view a users username?


My girlfriend forgot here username to HA, and keep calling me at work to get the garage door opened :smile:
So is there a way I can find out here username from the web page, or is there another way of doing it?
If I open here user from Configuration - > Users, I only see the full name, ID, owner, active, system generated and the option to delete.
I am logged in as an owner, and using version 0.82.0

And as a owner, shouldn’t I be able to reset here password as well?


Configuration>Users will show it…

It just show the full name, not the username.
Same thing for my own user…

I’m sure it used to…

2 Options… delete the one where she’s forgotten and make a new one or look in .storage for I think the auth file and it will list the users there in plain text…

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Found it in the auth file!

Great… glad I pointed you in the right direction

How can I “look in .storage”. I have the file editor, but it does not show the .storage folder under /config.

Found it.

This is pretty crazy. I cannot believe it is this hard to see a username.

I agree. I ran into this yesterday and the auth file was the only place I could find it too

Agree just ran into this. Googled and found this thread. Thought I was crazy. Half an hour I spent because I forgot my username was very different than the user’s name. All you can see on the HA page is the user ID field in the auth file and the user’s full name.

I just created a new user via Configuration > People > Add Person. I enabled “Allow person to log in”.

How do I see this new username? So this user can log in. How do I view the “auth file” or “.storage” using the file editor?

For context I’m running Home Assistant Operating System for Raspberry Pi, from here

What’s the workflow for multiple users? Are you supposed to create a new user for each person who will user Home Assistant or just one account for the house?

I only use one login for the house… it’s a personal choice. My wife only uses voice commands anyway.
When you logon you would enter the username. If you use trusted_networks it will give you a list of users there as well (if you don’t also use bypass login etc)

Ok here’s one way to view the usernames, maybe there’s a better way.

  1. Profile > Advanced Mode > Enable
  2. Supervisor > Add-on store > Terminal & SSH > Install
  3. Open Web UI and run one of the following commands:
jq .data.credentials /config/.storage/auth
cat /config/.storage/auth

You can actually see the list of users including display name, username, active state, and role via Configuration > Users . From here you are also able to add, disable or delete accounts, or change passwords.

Note: This menu option is only available when Advanced Mode is enabled. To enable Advanced Mode login to HA, click on your profile (bottom left corner), and enable from the list.


This!! This is the easiest way to view the usernames. The other solution is viable but ridiculously complex.

This worked perfectly for me, thanks

Settings > People > Users tab > click on the user from the list.

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