Howto control HA from different (RPi, Android tablet/phone) touchscreens?

Hi guys

I have an additional RPi (runs Raspbian with GUI) with 7" touchscreen that I use with a browser in kiosk mode to control my squeezeplayers and it also displays the HA webUI in another tab.
So it’s kind of a dashboard with just essential stuff to view & control.
The header of the HA webUI waists valuable pixels so it’s not the ideal solution.

I wonder if anybody else is using a RPi with touchscreen for HA and if yes, are there better ways/alternatives to lovelace/…?
I also have an Android 4.x tablet; any suggestions for that other then buying a new one.

Thanks a lot!

For the Android tablet do you try wallpanel not sure for your version…

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Even though the solution for mobile devices is less important, thanks anyway for this suggestion but I have an Android 4.2.2 and apparently 4.4 is needed.

A solution for the RPi with touchscreen has more priority.

WallPanel Legacy goes all the way back to 4.1, You can give that a try.

I also compiled an Android Things version of WallPanel for Raspberry Pi 3. It will not work for Raspberry Pi 4. I have had some success with Mozilla IoT ( on RPi.

Another option is to run Node-Red with Dashboard node on the RPi, that can communicate with HA through MQTT or websockets. Just a few thoughts.

Hi thanksmister!

Thanks for these suggestions, first time I hear about Android Things, just recently picked up the existence of Node-Red since I started a few months ago with HA so have to see what I can get out of it.
I will have a look at it at some point.

Since I’m also using the RPi to display/control my audio system, for now a simple weather forecast page, and I don’t have any programming skills other then some batch scripting on DOS/Win and basic HTML knowledge, I guess using a tabbed webpage with iframes in kiosk mode is the obvious way for me.


out of interest what set up instructions did you use to for the RPi touchscreen for kiosk mode?

Hi GreyLinux!

For now, I start the browser manually since I’m trying a lot things.
I’m using chromium, starting from the applications menu with “chromium-browser --kiosk”
I have created an html page with tabs and use iframes to display different controls.

Out of interest too: are you also doing something with a RPi & Touchscreen in this matter?