Husqvarna Automower and Gardena Smart System


Now when Husqvarna has released their open API to control booth the Automowers and Gardena Smart System it would be nice to integrate into to Home Assistant. Since I don´t have knowledge enough to make an integration I hope some one of all talented people here could do it.

If I understand it correct you could booth control the robotic mower and get status of it, the same with the Gardena Smart System.

Id like this one integrated as well :slight_smile:


Adding my name to the pot.

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Has anyone tried this component? I cannot seem to get it to work in Hassio.
Hopefully the component will make it into HA, but seems to be blocked for almost a month now :frowning:

Just would like to bump this since we soon will starting to get in to the season for Automower and watering again :slight_smile:

It would be real nice to have a Husqvarna group component where you could use booth Gardena and Husqvarna products.


I‘ve too switch over to ->

I hope that we got for this integration an official Integration status.

Great, as I understand it´s using the open API Husqvarna provides. I hope it could be done as an generic Husqvarna component so it could be used booth with Gardena Smart system and Automowers.

The API is for both Gardena and original Husquarna devices. With Gardena devices (Smart Watering, Sensor, Sileno+) i could test it and it works fine for me. But i have no original Husquarna Devices that i could test it with those devices.

If you need help testing I have booth an Gardena Smart (booth sensors, irrigation control and water control. Could maybe also get a power switch) and some Husqvarna Automowers

Thx for you offer, but i‘m not one of the code owner so please contact they direct over the github repository. Thx

I made an custom component for the automower, based on the official API. It’s not completely finishend. But it works. If someone wants to test it, go there:


Please vote for this WTH entry ->

I´d love to test it, however I have 3 mowers to my account will it work with one of them?

Hi Stejo,
at the moment it would only work with your “first” mower. But I started to work to implement multiple mowers. But we will see, if I can do it, because I have no possibility to test.

Hi Stejo,

I have now added the support for multiple mowers(hopefully). But as I said, I’m not able to test it, because I don’t habe enough mowers. :smiley:
Can you try it out?
But first delete your exisiting ‘Husqvarna automower’ integration, if you use it and if it is version 0.4.0 or older, because I made some breaking changes in the code.



It works great, I get all 3 Mowers listed. I will check some more too see that everything is working fine.


Nice to hear. I just discovered, that the device state is not updated anymore. Do you have the same issue?
But I fixed it half an hour ago. So I think you should update the files again.


Yes I saw the the same behavior it was not updated, but after updating to your latesed version it seems to work again. A suggestion would be to have a field also showing not only the error code but also the error text.

Great Work!

if there is an error, the device state will show the error.